StartUp in Focus: CircleCI

Originally founded in 2011 by Paul Biggar and Allen Rohner, CircleCI offers continuous integration (the CI in their name) as well as CTaaS, or Code Testing as a Service. The two founders even jokingly refer to their company as “Heroku for code testing” (Heroku being’s PaaS platform). The biggest benefit of CircleCI can be enjoyed by developers as it greatly increases productivity through continuous integration and deployment for dev teams.

According to Biggar, the precedent for CircleCI comes from problems that he experienced himself when he first worked at Mozilla. Biggar says that he has to wait hours after writing the code, just to get an idea if it works. It is a surefire way to kill productivity and motivation, not to mention wastes a lot of man hours. Biggar and Rohner clarifies that that’s basically what they are selling to CircleCI’s customers: productivity.

With CircleCI’s set of building tools for developers in the cloud, and its ability to increase the power of dev ops teams while also allowing large and small sized teams to move better quality software at a faster pace, CircleCI is basically competing with companies such as SalesForce’s Heroku and Github.

As for the CircleCI’s future, it can only be positive as the company has just announced a $1.5M in seed funding from a leading list of investors last month. What’s even more interesting is that some of the investors and founders include names that have backed and founded other similar services, such as Heroku founder James Lindenbaum, Kissmetrics’ Hiten Shah, Slicehost founder Jason Seats, and The Lean Startup’s founder, Eric Ries.

While CircleCI only has 6 employees at the moment, the new funding will allow it to hire more people and add more features, as well as scale out their platform for bigger and more workloads. According to Biggar, they currently have the ability to do 8 machines but they will soon add the ability to support as many as 64 machines.

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