Salesforce Grabs Government Business Opportunities with Mobile Solutions

Mobile technology has been widely used by the people, but the Government is subject to the bitter legacy systems. According to research by Gartner, half of the world’s companies will seek from their workers to individually provide devices for work by 2017.

Keeping an eye on mobile revolution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud vendor launched four government dedicated mobile products aimed at federal, state and local agencies. These solutions enable the Government and the people to interact, provide new services through the cloud, social, and mobile devices.

Rapid Response 311, Mobile Communities for Government, Government Social Command Center and Platform Mobile Services for Government are the latest government-targeted solutions in’s portfolio.

These services are built using the CRM reports and instrumentation to measure grid community interaction, thus enabling government agencies to manage community through social networking sites, including instant messaging and on any mobile devices. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently being tested on this feature to simplify the approval of drugs and medical devices procedures.

Rapid Response 311 is built using the Salesforce Service Cloud customer service applications. Local governments can deploy a 311 portal as a single point of public complaints entry via telephone, e-mail, Web, or other social networking sites such as Twitter.

Mobile Communities for Government features social networking capabilities such as recommendations and influence measurement, real-time feeds, and trending topics with the critical business information and processes found in Salesforce. Government Social Command Center can help government agencies connect with citizens in real-time on social networks, Web sites or mobile devices. Finally, Platform Mobile Services for Government provides platform to build integrate and deploy any government app with Salesforce.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has already developed more than 100 new apps on the Salesforce platform, averaging more than a 90 percent reduction in total cost of ownership and a 75 percent reduction in development time for the average app. In addition to GSA, New Jersey Transit had developed more than 10 applications; including ticketing, investigate fraud, law enforcement and emergency response providers.

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