IBM Introduces Big Data Offering for Human Resources

Big Data is everything. The analysis of large amounts of unstructured data is one of the four major trends in the world. IBM announced its solutions and services dedicated to Big Data analysis of employee data with the key to improved organizational performance.

Recruitment and retention of highly qualified staff is an important aspect of the activities of the units to work with the staff of major international companies. According to own research by IBM, 71% of organizations consider human capital determining factor for stable development organizations. In addition, by 2020 the world will need about 40 zetabytes of data to be analyzed against current seven zetabytes. This will give a chance for companies to be able to do semantic analysis of feelings, tastes and anticipate needs.

Developed by IBM Research scientists, the new big data analytics offering should enable HR managers to analyze real-time data about their employees: demographic information, salary, and years of service, etc. Crossed with information on skills, interests, career aspirations, these data should allow companies to design and implement their HR strategy more effectively and more quickly. At the same time, companies also gain a more accurate view of their organization while identifying their most critical talent.

Companies that invest in big data and analytics to nurture their workforce will keep the best talent and distinguish themselves from their competition. Using the insights identified by the new predictive and socially-driven workforce analytics tools, companies can ensure long-term success through employee engagement and meaningful work, said IBM.

New workforce analytics services include Survey Analytics services, which uses visual analytics software and text to automatically display over one million pieces of anonymous unstructured employee data. Retention Analytics services offer analytic solutions to understand attrition patterns within a business and help to determine the action to retain the talents. Smarter Workforce services allow organization to analyze the efficiency of work processes in the capacity and capabilities of employee aspects such as recruiting, compensation, talent management, expertise, leadership, etc.

New IBM services operate on the basis of analysis of large data sets collected from the corporate HR systems, data, CRM, anonymous data records on social networks. IBM is also betting big on mobile platform. The company plans to expand its range of management solutions and security of mobile devices and BYOD services through MobileFirst initiatives.

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