Join Us at OSCON – Open Source Convention in Portland, Oregon

Ever stay up all night writing code just because? Feel that way again.

Here’s the hard truth about your work: there’s a lot of it, and it’s always changing. When you’re immersed in a project or racing to meet a deadline, you’re focused on the task of the day—but tomorrow’s coming at you, at warp speed.

So how do you keep up with new technologies, much less build your expertise in the languages and tools you already use?

The answer is OSCON. In five intense days, you’ll hone your skills, learn how others are successfully tackling the same problems you are, and hear first-hand about what you need to know to stay competitive.

CloudTimes is proud to be media sponsor at the event. Register HERE.

Check out the new Mainstage track to see great talks by speakers such as Tim Berglund, Neal Ford, and Damian Conway. Other popular sessions include:

You’ll find plenty on classics like MySQL, Perl, Python, and PHP, and you can delve into trending topics such as Open Source Hardware, Distributed Sensor Networks, Human-Centered Design, Mobile HTML 5, and Computer Vision. One thing you can know for sure: when you leave OSCON, you’ll absolutely be better at the work you do.

Plus, OSCON is your chance to finally meet the people you follow. See the faces behind the blogs and feeds. Spend time with book authors, industry heavyweights, and legendary developers–after awhile you’ll feel like an open source legend yourself.

OSCON only happens once a year–don’t sit this one out. Join us in Portland, Oregon to amp up your skills. You’ll be glad you did.

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