BitTorrent Cloud Sync Releases Beta Version

After three months of closed testing since April 23 for its alpha version, BitTorrent Sync has now reached beta version. The decentralized file-synchronization tool released last week its beta version with its additional enhancements called the SyncArchive, and its new feature that allows mobile device access and support.

The Sync software from BitTorrent is almost ready to be released and to compete with other synchronization solutions such as Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud. What’s distinct with BitTorrent Sync is it uses its existing decentralization P2P (peer-to-peer) network. This network system does not require a hosted storage space but keeps paired folders synced simultaneously between devices.

Since its release in April, BitTorrent Sync saw a huge adoption to its new synchronization tool that reached over 8 million gigabytes (8 petabytes) of data across devices worldwide. With the release of the beta version comes the following additional features:

Mobile Access and Support
BitTorrent Sync in beta now allows mobile and tablet access and support. Android phones can access through Google Play and access via iOS will be released very soon. With ease, this tool can seamlessly sync any file across platforms and devices to and from OS X, Android, Windows, Linux or iOS.

A new versioning tool that allows past executions of documents synced automatically across paired devices. If one document is created or edited in one device, the most recent version of the same document is updated in all paired devices using the Sync interface panel from BitTorrent. Currently, it can only keep one updated version, but this feature is continuously being enhanced.

BitTorrent Sync is unique in its approach as a user does not need to subscribe, create an account or rely on a third party cloud provider. It’s easy to access files right from the user’s file by simply right clicking and syncing BitTorrent to the archived files.

BitTorrent Sync interface removes the user’s worry about security and privacy issues as it uses 256-bit AES encryption. Security works by generating a strong and unique password and the user is allowed to access files anywhere in the world from the user’s own device.

“BitTorrent Sync is a syncing product to help manage personal files between multiple devices. It offers unlimited, secure file-syncing at no cost. With concerns about data privacy and security that are currently at a peak, BitTorrent Sync has proven to be a timely technology and has been quite popular with our Alpha users,” Christian Averill, BitTorrent’s director of communications said.

Additionally, cloud drives such as Google’s and Dropbox’s may experience sudden server outages, but with BitTorrent it is unlikely to occur because of its decentralized nature. This means that as long as a user has access to Internet connection, network syncing is accessible. Lastly, the storage capacity is unlike other popular cloud devices that offer only 2 to 5GB limit, with BitTorrent Sync it depends on the user’s space capacity.

The only drawback of BitTorrent is the lack of a backup system that Dropbox has. This requires that the user provide its own backup system, which incidentally can be done so easily through access at applications such as Time Machine for OS X.

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