IBM Brings Big Data Analysis Services on IBM Cloud Marketplace

Having been the first to understand that the services would yield more than the sale of equipment, IBM was the first to suggest that software sales will bring in more than services today. In continuation of that effort, IBM has launched a new big data service that is designed to deliver better results and decision-making across the enterprise.

The new big data service available within the IBM Cloud marketplace will be available via any web browser, from any desktop or mobile device, and used in the context of key business processes. It combines enterprise grade security, governance and integration with mobile and web apps that are easy to interact with and use.

One of the offering IBM Navigator on Cloud, now available on the IBM Cloud marketplace and built on Softlayer’s Cloud platform, will help all users within and outside of the business gain value from this ever increasing deluge of content.

According to research estimates, 2.5 billion gigabytes of data are created every day, and 80 per cent of that data is comprised of unstructured content such as contracts, claims forms, and permit applications. IBM Cloud Marketplace thus serves as a unique place to learn, implement and consume these structured and unstructured data, including marketing, purchasing, sales and trade, supply chain, customer service, finance, legal and functional services for smart cities.

IBM says because IBM’s service is built on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities that have been proven in regulated environments, it delivers the ease of use associated with consumer oriented content management and file sharing applications without sacrificing security. Moreover, SoftLayer gives customers the ability to choose a cloud environment and a location that suits your business needs and provide visibility and transparency of where the data resides.

For example, a business DevOps team seeks a better way to develop new technologies to meet the dynamic business needs. So far, the team would have wide web looking for sites and providers to collect the fragments and form a solution. Today they can consolidate their evaluation, immediate testing and purchasing applications from IBM and in IBM Cloud Marketplace. A maintenance worker in the field can use a mobile device to pull up the latest schematics for a piece of equipment, take photos of a damaged part, make updates to a safety document based on a repair, and synchronize this content back to the cloud making it instantly available to colleagues on desktops or mobile devices.

The cloud computing and big data represent one of the core businesses of IBM. The market for data and analytics is estimated at $187bn by 2015. To capture this growth potential, IBM has invested more than $24bn, including $17bn of gross spend on more than 30 acquisitions. Two-thirds of IBM Research’s work are now devoted to data, analytics and cognitive computing.

On the other hand, the other component technology that is driving the new relationship is mobility. IBM supplies mobility solutions in MobileFirst that integrates strategy to help companies leverage the opportunities offered by mobile technology.

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