Internet of Things is Forcing Companies to Rethink Big Data Projects

Big data is one of the realities that will change the world of business. Data have become a new way to experience better than ever for consumers. The possibilities open by big data for companies are very high. From product design to highly customized products campaign, big data allow you to play many colored fields.

But what companies are already taking advantage of this information or preparing to do so? According to statistics from Tech Pro Research, only 30% of companies have initiated a project of big data. That is, only 3 out of 10 companies surveyed are already collecting data in order to modify their business strategies.

The numbers are slightly better than those reported in a similar survey by the same company a couple of years ago, although the variation is not as high as might be expected given that big data has become a common topic in specialized media and forums for innovation and how it changes and improved business strategy.

As not all companies have already launched headlong into big data, not all sector show the same response to the new challenges driven by technology. Some business segments are much thrown in the career of big data and therefore much more prepared to turn into an asset of your business.

The telecommunications market is better responding to big data as 58% of companies in this survey says it has already implemented projects of big data. This was followed by construction and engineering (45%), government (38%), IT (36%), banking, insurance and finance (33%). Surprisgly, although the big data in the field of health is usually one of the most talked about topics on the potential of data analysis, the healthcare market is closing the list with only 13% share.

The Internet of Things

One of the main sources of data with which companies will face in the immediate future if the Internet of Things (IoT). Nearly 80% of companies are actually convinced that the IoT will become a disruptor element and will be what mark the decade.

As first, IoT will revolutionize marketing and will change how brands relate to consumers, although this will not be the only change that will impose on users and companies. IoT will not only channel for future big data development, but also the power to create the basis for such content.

According to the study, 29% of companies are already using the IoT and 26% will use it in the near future. Another study, The Impact of the IoT says that the technology is already transforming family life and becoming the key elements that lay the foundation to achieve a state of peace of mind.

The report found that “30% of respondents indicated they had undergone a big data project. Certain industry segments have gravitated more towards big data than others. Manufacturing (72%), Logistics & Transport (66%), and IT & Technology (63%) respondents were most likely to report implementing, or planning to implement, big data. Conversely, Healthcare, Education and BusinessServices/Consulting were the least likely industries to do so.”

As per Gartner, the analysis of the IoT information collected will lead to the transformation of the data and eliminate 80 percent of business processes or products by 2020. Rapid spread of the IoT will create a new style of data analytics thanks to the ever cheaper sensors that are or soon will go to all types of new products.

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