appharbor logo AppHarbor Introduces Add On API for .NET DevelopersAppHarbor, a platform as a service (PaaS) provider for .NET developers and businesses, today announced an add-on API that will provide a self-service portal for third-party service providers.

Under the baseline “Azure done right“, the AppHarbor team has made some significant progress since their prototype release in September 2010. I had the chance to meet two of the founders, Michael Friis and Rune Sørensen at last week’s GigaOM Structure event in San Francisco. See the short video with Michael Friis below.

Innovative PaaS provider introduces new service letting developers purchase cloud services from multiple vendors with one click

This new release lets developers purchase cloud services through a single, easy-to-use interface and easily integrate additional functionality into the applications they build on the AppHarbor platform. The catalog of add-ons available with this release include MongoHQ, Cloudant, Redis To Go, and Mailgun. These services are now offered on the AppHarbor platform and seamlessly integrate into a users pre-existing applications enabling immediate and automatic access to the comprehensive capabilities of each offering.

.NET Deployment as it should be

Add-on programs like AppHarbor’s provide a process for accelerating the process of bringing new applications from beta through to release. .NET developers can leverage the cloud and more quickly deploy and scale applications.

AppHarbor’s platform gives .NET developers access to a Git- and Mercurial-enabled continuous deployment environment that supports a rapid build, test, and deploy workflow common to agile teams and startups. AppHarbor features automated unit testing which allows developers to test code before it gets deployed, eliminating the possibility of deploying code that breaks their site. Additionally, AppHarbor takes only 15 seconds to deploy new code versions, compared to 15 minutes like other solutions on the market. The AppHarbor platform is self-hosting and capable of deploying new versions of itself. AppHarbor makes deploying and scaling .NET applications quick and simple.

“AppHarbor addresses needs that have yet to be resolved by other solutions in the market and this release further differentiates our PaaS offering,” said Michael Friis, co-founder at AppHarbor. “In a short time, our platform has been adopted by more than 5,000 developers. It fulfills a need that the .NET Community has had for some time. We are extremely excited to announce add-ons that make it extremely easy for our users to purchase the cloud services they desire.”

Available now, AppHarbor customers can visit the add-ons catalog at Once an add-on is selected, developers can immediately start using the service.

Founded in 2010, AppHarbor has over 5,300 users and has received seed funding from Accel Ventures, Ignition Partners, Quest Software, Salesforce, SV Angel, Start Fund and Y Combinator.

Interview with Michael Friis at GigaOM Structure 2011

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