ScreenHunter 01 Oct. 13 06.48 210x300 Six Fatal Mistakes to Avoid In ERP ImplementationsIt is a well known fact that there are hundreds of horror stories out there of things that have gone wrong with ERP systems implementations and like all bad news it is often exaggerated so as to guarantee a dramatic effect on the recipient audience.

The bad news is you cannot turn round and say nobody told you when you also make the same mistakes and it is your organization that is being discussed and fingers pointed or worse still; heads rolled. Just to make the message even more dramatic, it is never the head of the senior sponsor that rolls. Sobering food for thought so that you take just a bit more care in preparing your implementation plan.

The good news? Getting it right is a reasonably simple thing to do; infect the ‘keep it simple’ approach is probably the best piece of advise you could give anyone who is about to embark on a system implementation. Nobody likes talking (or writing) about mistakes so please excuse the poetic license when I approach this by explaining what you should do to avoid the top six most common mistakes.


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