Google's New Cloud Database

Last Thursday, Google introduced a teaser of their new service application called the Google Cloud SQL. This new service will address the needs and be more appealing to business enterprises because of its scalable database platform that is MySQL hosted.

Google Cloud SQL product Manager,  Navneet Joneja said that they have received various requests from Google App Engine users asking for an application that will allow them to create and develop database-run applications. With the new Google Cloud SQL and App Engine, users can now provide developers’ access to developing their own database. It will circumvent the hassle of database administration, management and maintenance.

Justin Griffin of Cisco demonstrated recently how their wireless application can analyze the band and trace physically the radio source signal. This will effectively identify hackers and their devices plus the source of their interference.

Joneja said “Cloud SQL is available free of charge for now, and we will publish pricing at least 30 days before charging for it,” this means that the service will be free hopefully until the end of 2011.

Earlier this May, Google announced their plan to increase the subscription fee for their App Engine cloud platform, which shocked most developers. This announcement resulted to a lot of complaints and outcry from users. Peter Magnusson, Google’s engineering director later apologized for the lapse they did in failing to provide notice to developers on how this new app can affect their subscription rates.

Google, however stood by its original pricing stating that it is the reasonable price to make App Engine compatible for any business use.

App Engine has been successful in the market for the last three years, which led Google to create Premier accounts. These accounts will have access to offline billing and other technical and customer support features.

Cloud SQL runs using MySQL database platform that supports various applications like Java, JDBC and DB-API, for Python applications. CloudSQL is currently exclusive for App Engine applications only.

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