Nebula 300x96 Nebula One Seeks To Reinvent Cloud ComputingChris Kemp of Nebula is introducing the company’s computer device which can act like a command-and-control system for various traditional servers to consolidate the machines’ power. When plugged into Nebula One, servers from IBM, Hewlett-Packard, or Dell, Nebula One provides a means of control through a software console. Worth at least $100,000, any organization can have a Nebula One device which is comparable to the ones being used by Microsoft, Google, or

Hidden from the public for almost two years, top engineers worked on Nebula One for almost two years. Currently being backed by billionaires Ram Shriram, David Cheriton, and Andy Bechtolsheim, Nebula One is expected to be instrumental in corporate computing.

Current users of Nebula One include Palo Alto Research Center, which makes use of the devices for their research on parking improvements in huge cities. Due to the monstrosity of date used in creating parking models, PARC requires a computer which can handle the rigors of their research work. With Nebula One, it is possible to turn off one simulation and start a new one within a few seconds. Although Microsoft and can also provide such service, their services are usually very expensive and slow because data has to move back and forth through the net.

Nebula One uses OpenStack efficiently. According to Chris Kemp, Nebula One is very much like a laptop which can be turned on by just pushing a button. However, unlike the laptop, Nebula One can share huge storage and processor cores among various users.

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