's Most Useful Free Marketing Apps From Appexchange

Below is a list of the most useful free Salesforce apps for marketing users. Whether you’re in charge of generating leads, proving ROI, managing trade shows and events, Public Relations or just plain marketing analytics; these apps will improve your efficiency and give you access to new marketing sources.

Salesforce Marketing Calendar

Salesforce Marketing Calendar:
The benefit of having an integrated Marketing Calendar accessible inside salesforce is the ability to give sales, marketing and other interested salesforce users a view into the marketing activities so they know when the next tradeshow, email blast, or webinar is taking place. The Salesforce Marketing Calendar was designed by the Cambridge Cloud Partners, Inc. as a basic calendar which is based on the campaign object in salesforce. In other words the app adds the campaigns by start date and end date on the calendar.What you get with this app:
– A calendar view of all monthly campaign activities from a single location.
– Ability to hover over the campaign link and get quick info on the number of respondent and campaign owner.
– Ability to click on the link to the campaigns you are most interested in.
– Ability to color code the calendar by campaign type or any other criteria.
Click here to download the Salesforce Marketing Calendar app

Salesforce For Twitter

Salesforce for Twitter:
Twitter is one of the most popular social networking applications on the Internet and its popularity continues to grow stronger each day. Salesforce for Twitter application allows you to leverage Twitter conversations to improve your interactions with your customers and prospects. It can be used to generate new leads, gain greater insights into your customers, monitor your company or brand’s online footprint, including customer and market sentiment, market visibility, and overall impact.
What you can do with it:
– Monitor what your customers are saying about you on Twitter
– Automatically convert Tweets into Leads, Contacts, Cases, or Solutions
– Run Twitter Marketing Campaigns and auto-associate new Leads or Contacts to Campaigns
– Send Tweets from a Lead, Contact, Case, Solution, or Campaign in
Click here to download the Salesforce for Twitter app


Salesforce for Google AdWords:
Although this app requires a paid Google AdWords account, we thought it should be added to the list of free apps since the majority of companies selling a product or service are using AdWords to generate leads and gain brand recognition. With Salesforce for Google AdWords app, online marketers can track the effectiveness of Google advertising campaigns and website lead generation activity directly inside Salesforce. The major benefit of this app is the ability to tie revenue to Ad groups, Keywords and even ad content. Marketing users can better manage their spending by having visibility into the keywords that are generating revenue and the one that are not. The app also tracks non-paid referring sites (i.e: organic traffic) that generate leads and convert to revenue.
What you get with this app:
– 20 reports to analyze pipeline and revenue by Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword and Text Ad.
– A dashboard with visual on the top performing lead and revenue sources and much more.
– On every lead the ability to see which keyword was used by the prospect or referring site. This functionality improves the communication with prospect because it gives insight into their needs.
Click here to download the Salesforce for AdWords app

Salesforce Lead Scoring
Source: Appexchange

Salesforce Lead Scoring App:
Qualification of leads is critical to Sales’ effectiveness and success. Based on lead scoring, Marketing can differentiate between leads that are sales ready and those that are not. The Salesforce Lead Scoring app scores leads based on who they are (lead criteria) and what they do (campaign member criteria).
What you get with this app:
– Ability to create up to 200 active Lead rules to score some leads higher than others based on who they are.
– Ability to create up to 450 active Campaign Member rules to score leads based on what they do.
– Active rules to add points towards the Total Score so you can automatically prioritize leads as A, B, or C based on Total Score.
Click here to download the Salesforce Lead Scoring app

Salesforce Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Metrics Dashboard:
If you just implemented Salesforce and you want a quick start to analytics and campaign measurement, the Marketing Dashboard app will give you an immediate view into your company’s marketing performance.
What you get with this app:
– Visibility of Leads created: Custom reports based exclusively on the out-of-the-box application
– Campaign revenue figures
– Marketing Spend Optimization
Click here to download the Salesforce Marketing Dashboard app


Closed Loop Marketing:
This app lets you create emails blasts and landing pages by filling out a simple form. You can also track web activity on your prospects without requiring them to fill out a registration form.  By simply having prospects click on a link inside the email, records their activity and stores the information in their Contact record, without requiring them to register or authenticate. If they click on an item that is flagged as hot (indicative of a buying signal) Salesforce send the sales rep an email notification in real time. Think of it as a simplified version of marketing automation.
Click here to download the Closed Loop Marketing App

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