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  • Xerox and Cisco to Collaborate on Cloud Computing Services

    Xerox Corporation and Cisco on Monday announced that they intend to form an alliance to simplify IT management by delivering cloud-based services and technology solutions that combine network intelligence and print.

    The alliance plans to bring Xerox’s managed print and cloud IT outsourcing (ITO) services to customers over Cisco’s intelligent network infrastructure. Both companies […]

  • The need for portability and interoperability – IDC White Paper

    Cloud computing has become a major discussion thread in the IT world, but it has been redefined in recent years to speak to the increasing number of deployment scenarios – and their practical uses for business workloads.

    The business benefits of cloud computing are clear: the ability to leverage virtualized infrastructure for greater efficiency, […]

  • Sony Data Breach Highlights Importance of Cloud Security

    The Sony data breach that compromised 100 million customers’ data has left the corporation a bit shaken and created woes in the cloud computing industry.

    The shares of businesses that specializes in cloud computing had been performing well for quite some time now. However, the massive cyber-attack, including Inc’s cloud computing center outage, […]

  • Cloud Security Alliance – Making the Cloud a Safer Place

    The Cloud may be a unsafe place, especially when there are multiple entities running different (read – weird) kind of software and you don’t know what’s going on at different locations/ systems/ disks/ partitions etc.  Since someone else is managing all this for you, your suspicion only goes up.

    The number of Cloud Computing […]

  • 15 Cloud Computing Companies to Watch

    Cloud computing is spreading like wildfire. The number of enterprises moving their IT operations to the cloud is tremendously growing. Established vendors like Salesforce, Amazon and Google, including other startup firms that provide tools and services for cloud computing continues to increase and clamors […]

  • Huawei Eyes the Cloud

    The Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei is planning to enter the Cloud Computing market.  The company announced their formal “business strategy” for Cloud Computing for North America earlier this year.

    This should have been a non-news since Huawei has been doing bits and pieces with Cloud Computing for some time now.  What’s […]

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