Seeding the Cloud – Enterprises Set Their Strategies for Cloud Computing

With enterprise IT departments coming under greater pressure to reduce infrastructure costs and manage capital expenditures—while also providing higher and more sophisticated levels of service and support—cloud computing is being explored as a flexible and efficient way to deliver applications to end users. But companies are still crafting their strategies and testing their options to decide whether execution of cloud can live up to its much-promoted promise.

Seeding the Cloud is based on a survey of more than 200 CIOs and IT leaders at large U.S. companies ($500 million-plus annual revenues). The study explores how these enterprises are approaching cloud computing, especially the so-called “private” cloud where infrastructure and applications are controlled by the IT organization using them. Many IT executives see cloud as a way to continue providing high service levels while reducing capital costs, and they are now putting in place many cloud precursors, including consolidating and virtualizing their data centers. But they also face some substantial obstacles, including concerns about security, about cloud’s ability to handle legacy applications, and about IT staff’s willingness to work in a new way and re-orient their priorities.

Whitepaper Published By: Google Apps

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