Apple WWDC 2011: 10 Things To Watch Out For

Rumors suggest that at this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco iPhone news won’t be as prominent as last year, instead attendees will sit through discussions on software; including iOS 5 and Apple’s upcoming desktop-based operating system, Mac OS X Lion.
Apple hasn’t released specific details on what it has planned for the conference but based on how the company has organized its keynotes in the past, consumers and developers can expect to see some of the following:

  1. Mac OS X Lion
  2. iCloud, Apple’s Cloud Service
  3. The iPhone 4S (or maybe the iPhone 5?)
  4. News on the iPad2, 3…
  5. An Update to iOS
  6. Double Down on the Mac App Store
  7. An Update to the AppleTV Software?
  8. Amazing Stats
  9. Android Shots
  10. What’s Next With MobileMe

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