Nasuni New Cloud Storage Services Guarantees 100 Percent Cloud Storage Uptime

Nasuni launched this week a new service called Data Protection which guarantees 100% – 24/7 uptime service-level agreement for access to all objects it stores in the cloud.

Nasuni is a software company that produces Nasuni Filer, a virtual NAS file server/front end that runs on VMware and uses publicly available cloud resources to handle primary data cloud storage.

According to Nasuni’s CEO, Andres Rodriguez, this new service is backed by the most stringent service-level agreement offered in the storage industry and the new service includes:

  • Data availability and accessibility at anytime.
  • Security, all data is encrypted before it is moved to the cloud.
  • Disaster recovery in one click.
  • Performance on par with a local NAS.

According to Rodriguez, “Today’s raw cloud storage providers are the equivalent of the hard drive vendors in traditional storage. Raw cloud storage lacks performance, security, and any sort of comprehensive account management, and is just as unusable to most businesses as is a commodity hard drive. Nasuni is the vanguard of a new generation of storage vendors focused on harnessing the power of raw cloud storage and transforming it into solutions that give businesses the confidence that only a complete storage services network and a 100 percent SLA can provide.”

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