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  • GigaOM Structure: SolidFire Founder to Participate in Cloud Storage Panel

    SolidFire announced today that its founder and CEO Dave Wright will be participating in the “Cloud Storage: Moving Beyond Backup” panel at the GigaOM Structure conference June 23 at 9:05 San Francisco, CA. SolidFire is a provider of all-solid-state storage systems for cloud service providers.

    About the panel: CLOUD […]

  • HP and Toshiba Team up To Develop Cloud Computing Technologies

    Toshiba and HP joined forces to develop cloud computing technologies and related services for infrastructure organizations.

    Toshiba said in a statement today that the companies plan to jointly develop technologies that can share data on social infrastructure including water supply, transportation, telecommunications, medical and public-service systems, contributing to energy conservation.

    The collaboration will help […]

  • NetApp Enhances Storage Management for the Cloud

    NetApp has recently improved its service capabilities in the cloud platform by enhancing its NetApp OnCommand Management software. Chris Cummings, vice president of product and solutions marketing said that the new NetApp OnCommand Management software will include features that will assist users to move their virtualized data storage from cloud environments, plus the new […]

  • Delivering on the Promise of Cloud Infrastructure

    Four years ago, the idea of running large infrastructures in elastic virtualized compute clusters seemed outlandish. Now, it’s commonplace. A convergence of technology, cost, and need has led to a revolutionary way of accessing compute resources. Service providers such as Rackspace and Amazon have democratized access to enterprise-grade infrastructure. At small scale, this has enabled […]

  • 15 Year Old High School Kid Sells His Cloud-Based Startup

    Seems like the average age for entrepreneurs is getting smaller and smaller, but to go as far as high school kids building their own startup? I must say that’s a first.

    Daniil Kulchenko, who recently sold his cloud-based startup company Phenona to ActiveState was only 15 years old. Although Kulchenko […]

  • GMO Cloud America Launches Cloud Hosting Solution

    GMO Cloud America Inc., a subsidiary of GMO Cloud K.K., announced today the launch of its cloud hosting solutions for the U.S. market.

    The company offers global datacenters, premium on-demand infrastructure, solid strategic partnerships and a competitive performance-based pricing model. GlobalSign, SSL global leader and GMO subsidiary, secures the company’s high-performance network. […]

  • Working for a More Dynamic Cloud

    While everyone is anticipating that cloud computing will ease all the work to be done, suppliers on the other end need to perfect how cloud computing will address the issues of management, security and scalability.

    In the recent Usenix “Hot Cloud 2022” workshop held in Portland, Oregon, the hot topics that were discussed included: […]

  • Pandora Slowly Looses Steam on First Day Trading

    Pandora, which lets users create their own web personalized “stations” and then makes recommendations based on users’ tastes, traded on the stock market today for the first time. With an IPO price of $16 a share and a $2.6 Billion valuation, Pandora’s stock opened today at $20 and then immediately soared to $26, an […]

  • The State of Cloud Computing 2011 Survey Results

    The results of the 2011 State of Cloud Computing survey were released today by and Zenoss. The 500 users were surveyed during the last few months. The purpose of the survey was to discern trends in cloud computing usage and preferences for deploying virtual infrastructure.

    Quick survey results:

    Only 20% respondents have […]

  • Maxthon Mobile Boosts Android Tablets Performance

    Maxthon released yesterday Maxthon Mobile for Androids Tablets. Maxthon Mobile provides Android Tablets with a new browser which delivers increased speed and more efficient use of memory  for  an improved web experience.

    The new benefits include: Fast rendering of web pages, great memory management of any Android browser and free cloud services such as […]

  • Trend Micro Releases New Survey on Cloud Security

    The new survey from Trend Micro focused on large companies of 500 or more employees using cloud services. The survey revealed that although more enterprises are moving the cloud quickly, the Cloud is not secure with 43% of respondents currently […]

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