EMC Debuts New Cloud Storage Management ProSphere

EMC announced a new cloud storage management solution aimed at large enterprises called ProSphere which can also scale to address the needs of data centers and globally distributed enterprises.

According to Kevin Gray, manager of IMG storage resource management for EMC, the platform addresses management of increasingly larger, more disparate environments while integrating virtualization and hybrid cloud computing models.

“We recommend that large enterprises proactively consider the new management challenges posed by virtualization and cloud computing as they migrate towards these next-generation computing platforms. Sometimes customers begin the migration process, then reach a point where traditional storage management solutions are becoming too time consuming. Storage management needs to map appropriately to the infrastructure—so the decision making process should include a discussion on storage management requirements.”

The company believes that enterprises and cloud service providers see huge value in the management of their deployments of increasingly complex and distributed environments.

“Forward-thinking customers will see the need for new management tools that are specifically geared to support of cloud environments. Enterprises move to the cloud for its cost savings, flexibility and efficiencies. Effective management is part and parcel to realizing these benefits. Customers considering cloud deployments, by nature, will ask themselves ‘how do we manage this?”

ProSphere which is sold directly from EMC or through reseller, is deployed as a virtual appliance and takes less than an hour to install and under eight hours to discover most enterprise environments.


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