Gluster Announces Connector for OpenStack deployments

Gluster announced today the Gluster Connector for OpenStack which provides highly scalable and highly-available VM storage functionality for OpenStack, an emerging open source cloud platform. With last week’s announcement of GlusterFS 3.3, OpenStack users will be able to add scale-out integrated file and object storage to any deployment. These two capabilities together enable OpenStack users to centralize on one storage solution for VMs, Object and file data simplifying their storage environment.

Jonathan Bryce, Rackspace Cloud Founder and OpenStack Project Policy Board Chairman said “We’re happy to see OpenStack API’s being implemented on other technologies, increasing the reach of the OpenStack ecosystem to new storage platforms. It’s promising to see Gluster committed to supporting OpenStack as an industry standard and providing a storage alternative for OpenStack Compute deployments.”

The Gluster Connector for OpenStack connects GlusterFS to the OpenStack Compute block storage controller, enabling users to scale-out the number of VMs deployed within their cloud environment and supports the virtual motion of the VMs within the OpenStack compute environment. The connector enables users to use GlusterFS as their file system within OpenStack and will be available under the Apache 2 open source license.

GlusterFS 3.3 provides integrated file and object storage for OpenStack deployments. Integrating object and file storage simplifies the management and access to data for OpenStack users. GlusterFS delivers massive scalability, high-availability and replication and is designed for the most demanding workloads. With thousands of production deployments worldwide, GlusterFS accelerates the process of preparing applications for the cloud and simplifies new application development for cloud computing environments.

“In just a year OpenStack has received great traction and is experiencing great success. By expanding the storage options for OpenStack deployments we are enabling cloud deployments to scale up to new levels and seamlessly deploy object storage and VM virtual motion,” said AB Periasamy, co-founder and CTO of Gluster. “OpenStack users will have access to integrated file and object storage which can be deployed in a wide range of environments with the Gluster Connector for OpenStack.”

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