OpenStack Hands-on Training Now Offered By Rackspace

Rackspace announced today that it will be offering professional training for OpenStack provided by Rackspace Cloud Builders. OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system that is quickly becoming the industry standard for public and private clouds. OpenStack is supported by more than 100 participating organizations. Rackspace Cloud Builders will provide hands-on training courses for OpenStack developers and administrators covering the fundamentals of setting up, administering and troubleshooting OpenStack clouds via real-world situations in a training lab environment.

The team of Rackspace Cloud Builders includes the architects and operators of the NASA Nebula Cloud Platform and The Rackspace Cloud, and all have solid experience deploying and operating cloud infrastructure on a massive scale.

Fundamentals Training for OpenStack will be a five-day training course offered in Boston and London, with additional dates and locations to be announced. The first two days of the fundamentals course will focus on OpenStack Object Storage, open source software that can create petabytes of distributed, reliable storage, and the next three days will focus on OpenStack Compute, open source software used to provision and manage large networks of virtual machines.

Peter Krey, Founder & President of Krey Associates, attended a Rackspace Training for OpenStack pilot class this summer and had this recommendation about the course: “Having direct access to OpenStack core developers and people who have implemented OpenStack in production was a unique and valuable experience. Unlike homogenized classes with stale video and static slides, the practical, hands-on approach made it highly relevant. I am very impressed that they incorporate attendee feedback and are committed to continuous improvement of the curriculum.”

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