3 Sessions You Can Only Find at Mobilize 2011

Insight, opportunity and growth abound at Mobilize 2011. CloudTimes is a media sponsor for the two day event, which will unveil the newest opportunities at the crossroads of mobile and cloud computing – from products and services to new technologies and emerging markets. Register today to claim your spot next to GigaOM Pro analysts, GigaOM editors and some of the most influential leaders in mobile.
 CloudTimes readers save $100 on your two-day ticket to Mobilize.

Sure, you could stay at the office and simply read about new mobile opportunities, but here are three sessions you just can’t get anywhere else:

  • Tom Conrad, CTO and EVP of Product, Pandora
    Pandora is Mostly on the Move:
    Pandora is the poster for success in the mobile world. This 100% browser experience-based company has seen 70% of its traffic shift onto mobile platforms and devices. CTO Tom Conrad will share technical and business challenges that Pandora overcame to get a foothold in mobile, and reveal the company’s next mobile target – automobiles.
  • Erick Tseng, Head of Mobile Products, Facebook
    Making Mobile More Social: As Facebook looks to provide a full-featured user experience in an increasingly mobile world, it must overcome a fragmented landscape of operating systems, devices, geographies and networks. Erick Tseng, head of mobile, will reveal how the company is leveraging the web to build its own products and how a recent acquisition is helping deploy a unified Facebook experience on a very big scale.
  • Olof Schybergson, CEO, Fjord
    Can Invisible Also Be Amazing?:
    As the bond between mobility and cloud increases, we will need to design invisible and seductive service experiences. Device-to-cloud interactions will yield new products that adapt to device capabilities and context. Among the considerations: Who will own user data, and will push advertising will ruin user experience?

Speakers represent the movers and shakers of mobile innovation, including:

  • Gibu Thomas, SVP of Mobile and Digital, Walmart
  • Laura Chambers, Senior Director of PayPal Mobile, PayPal
  • William Hsu, SVP and Chief Product Officer, AT&T Interactive
  • Marc Naddell VP of Partnering, NAVTEQ
  • Nathan Eagle CEO, txteagle
  • Steve Douty VP, Applications and Mobile Product Management, Yahoo!
  • Julie Palen SVP, Strategic Business Dev and Mobile Device Management, Tangoe
  • Ben Hedrington Sr. Director, Mobile and Web Strategy – Emerging Platforms, Best Buy
  • Chris Hylen VP and GM, Payment Solutions Division, Intuit
  • Dave Talach VP, Global Product Management, VeriFone
  • Chuck Goldman Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Apperian

New speakers are being added weekly. See the full list here.

Register now and save $100 on your two-day ticket to Mobilize 2011.

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