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  • CEO Series: Interview with Loggly’s CEO, Kord Campbell

    I recently sat down with Loggly‘s CEO, Kord Campbell in his hip San Francisco office to discuss how the company came about and the recent developments with the product. In this interview, Kord also explains what differentiates Loggly from other companies that do log management like Splunk and  […]

  • Adility Unveils First Open, Online to Offline Commerce Gateway to Connect Online Sales at the Retail POS – Disrupt 2011

    Adility, the first open platform for online to offline commerce which connects retailers and merchants with online publishers, announces today at TechCrunch Disrupt a new product release, the Adility Gateway.

    The Adility Gateway enables any point of sale (POS) system to connect its retail terminals to the Cloud, and provide merchants controlled online distribution […]

  • ZeroPC: Personal Virtual Desktop in the Cloud – Disrupt 2011

    ZeroDesktop, Inc., a leading developer of fully featured public and private cloud computing solutions, announced a new “Freemium” plan for its ZeroPC ( personal desktop in the cloud, providing worldwide consumers with 1GB of free cloud storage, plus integrated access to up to an additional free 14GB from popular cloud storage services, […]

  • Verizon’s CloudSwitch Acquisition Added Value to its Cloud Enterprise

    Verizon again made a milestone when it acquired CloudSwitch last month; this was following its earlier purchase in January of Terremark, a premier cloud storage provider. The latest acquisition of CloudSwitch is expected to boost the cloud enterprise value of Verizon. This is following the global trend from big mobile and smartphone providers like […]

  • Facebook Teams Up with Cloud Service Provider Heroku
    By teaming up with cloud application platform Heroku, Facebook is providing its developers a faster way to get Facebook apps up and running in the cloud. Developers have long been able to host their Facebook apps on Heroku on their own, but now Facebook has made it possible to start building a live Facebook app […]
  • Amazon Web Services Set to Earn FISMA Accreditation

    Amazon Web Services announced today that it has received Federal Information Security Management Act (known as FISMA) Moderate Authorization and Accreditation from the U.S. General Services Administration.

    FISMA is a US federal law that was enacted in 2002 recognizing the importance of information security to the economic and national security interests of the United […]

  • Deutsche Telekom to Shield German Cloud Companies’ Data From U.S. Government

    T-Systems, the information technology unit of Deutsche Telekom, is trying to get regulators to introduce a certificate for German or European cloud operators that will help companies guard data from the U.S. government.

    According to Bloomberg, Reinhard Clemens, T-Systems division chief executive officer, says the company is looking to lure customers and […]

  • Shaker – Winner Of TechCrunch Disrupt
    Shaker allows people for the first time to socialize in a comfortable and fun way online. Similar to interacting in the physical world, Shaker creates a natural, but virtual, setting using your social networks and allows people to meet around shared interests. Shaker is the first platform that brings the places we love online, […]
  • Taiwan’s Top Telecommunications Companies Embark on Cloud Venture

    3 of the biggest telecommunication firms in Taiwan announced recently that they will invest on a multi billion project on cloud computing solutions.  Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., Taiwan Mobile Corp. and Far EasTone Telecom Co., Ltd. each stated their investment plans in three separate announcements.

    Chungwa, currently holds the top spot among Taiwan’s telecom […]

  • Microsoft Innovation Centre in Malta by 2012

    The Malta government has finished signing an agreement with Microsoft Corporation that officially sealed the partnership for a Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) in Malta in 2012, which will have its primary focus on the cloud computing infrastructure.

    For this project alone Malta government and Microsoft will be investing a huge €3 million.

    The partnership […]

  • Bitcasa Debuts Infinite Storage, Blows Your Hard Drive’s Mind

    Today’s Startup Battlefield featured newcomer Bitcasa, showing you what a world with infinite storage will look like. CEO Tony Gauda demonstrated the power of Bitcasa, by streaming not one but two 1080 dpi movies – and at the same time.

    Why you’d care about Bitcasa:

    Infinite storage: Bitcasa makes the hard drive infinite. Through […]

  • Shaker – just launched at TechCrunch Disrupt
    Shaker allows people for the first time to socialize in a comfortable and fun way online. Similar to interacting in the physical world, Shaker creates a natural, but virtual, setting using your social networks and allows people to meet around shared interests. Shaker is the first platform that brings the places we love online, […]
  • Mindjet Introduces Cloud-Based Collaborative Work Management

    Mindjet announced today a collaborative work management software that improves how groups of people work together. The new software, called Mindjet Connect, is a cloud-based service that helps groups visualize their best ideas and plans, securely manage and share files, get teams on the same page and access information anywhere, at […]

  • Watch Techcrunch Disrupt 2011 live

    CloudTimes is reporting live from Techcruch Disrupt. Follow our Twitter feed or watch TC’s live channel here.

    We’ll add more videos and news during the show below. Stay tuned.

  • 3 Sessions You Can Only Find at Mobilize 2011

    Insight, opportunity and growth abound at Mobilize 2011. CloudTimes is amedia sponsor for the two day event, which will unveil the newest opportunities at the crossroads of mobile and cloud computing – from products and services to new technologies and emerging markets. <a […]

  • Google is Updating its App Engine Pricing

    Google App Engine is expected to mark up its pricing this second week of September. This news was sent through an official email from the administrators of App Engine.

    This move was to update all their policies, support models and pricing that are fully supported by Google. Consumers should expect that all applications will […]

  • Dreamforce 2011 Conference Review

    Marc Benioff,’s CEO discussed its new recent development platforms in the last Dreamforce 11 Conference. Here he emphasized on the model of social enterprise as a counterpart for the “platform as a service” battle in the cloud. He gave the participants an overview of the company’s new products,, Heroku and the […]

  • Private Cloud Competition Intensifies

    OpenStack continues to grow, but over the past week, product updates and acquisitions from Citrix, Eucalyptus, Red Hat and VMware signify that the competition to become the dominant private cloud provider and win over the enterprise also intensifies. Each of these solutions has features that meet a customer’s needs. For example, OpenStack appeals for […]

  • Google Releases Study on Green Computing

    Google released today a study on Green Computing which proves that using cloud-based email is more energy efficient than running email in-house. The case study compares the energy savings and carbon footprint of using Gmail via Google Apps – Google’s cloud-based messaging and collaboration suite, versus housing local servers to manage […]

  • Cloud is Oversold

    The organizations are curious to move their in-house hosted COTS based and customized business applications to cloud managed environment. The oversold benefits of the cloud computing viz., no upfront capital investments, ‘pay as you use’ subscription model, available on-demand, committed uptime and response time, availability of global hosting facilities to collocate the business services […]

  • Cloud-Based DDoS Protection From Imperva

    Imperva launched today a cloud based service that safeguards businesses from debilitating and protracted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The new service called Imperva Cloud DDoS Protection helps organizations protect against the downtime and brand damage, and potential lost revenue caused by DDoS attacks.

    Amichai Shulman, CTO of Imperva said “Hackers […]

  • Quantivo Announces Cloud-Based Big-Data Analytics

    Quantivo, a data analytics firm, announced today that it plans to offer big-data analytics as a cloud-based service to organizations of all sizes.

    Quantivo enables users to analyze their data and find patterns that can lead to more revenue. For example: users can analyze their customer’s online behavior and online experience, and detect ways […]

  • Dreamforce 2011: It’s All About Social and Community

    Marc Benioff, CEO of kicked off Dreamforce 2011 this week, the largest cloud computing event of the year with over 45,000 in attendance and 35,000 joining online. Benioff took the stage at San Francisco’s Moscone Center to the pulsing sound of Metallica drawing an image of the future of social enterprise […]

  • Cloud Computing Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

    VMworld in Las Vegas is taking everyone by storm just like the recent Hurricane Irene and the momentous Labor Day celebration over the weekend. Both major and minor cloud computing players and vendors are competing hard core as they bring out their best and latest virtualization products for the public to see.

    Dell kicked […]

  • Citrix’s now on the Public Cloud

    Citrix Systems in now offering the source code for VMworld’s CloudStack cloud management tool. This development happened just recently; Citrix is also developing new provisional support for additional workloads from new hypervisors. It could be remembered that VMworld acquired in July this year, which gave them full control over CloudStack management. has […]

  • VMware Catches The Cloud Fever Too

    According to VMware CEO Paul Maritz, VMware executives are also spending time thinking and talking about cloud computing, just like the case of many IT vendors. He added that the company is not immune to the cloud fever as they use this term a lot.

    Earlier this week, VMware launched vSphere, a “major achievement” […]

  • Salesforce and Concur Team up to Deliver Travel and Expense Management Integration with CRM and Concur are set to unveil an integration partnership this week at Dreamforce 2011 where Concur’s travel and expense management solution will be tied into Salesforce’s CRM. The integration lets Salesforce users manage travel and expenses, book trips and track and manage itineraries through the Salesforce user interface.

    This integration will be the […]

  • HP Announces Turn-key IT Solution Virtualized on VMware

    At VMware in Las Vegas this week, HP launched a turn-key IT solution with on-site installation services that includes servers, storage and networking gear, optimized for virtualization on VMware.

    HP says this IT solution, called VirtualSystem for VMware, speeds implementation and provides foundation for cloud computing. VirtualSystem is built on products that are part of […]

  • Cloupia Showcases the Industry First iPad Application for Data Center

    Cloupia announced today that it will showcase at VMworld Las Vegas, the first ever iPad application for data center orchestration, CloudGenieTM. Cloupia’s flagship product, Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller, provides the most comprehensive cloud and data center orchestration solution with features that include provisioning, monitoring and management for physical, virtual and cloud environments.<br […]

  • CIO Leaders Turn to SaaS ERP

    With the entrance of cloud computing platform in the IT industry, SaaS software becomes to common model.

    Epec Engineered Technologies in 2006 faced a common IT challenge that directed them to acquire the New Bedford business firm that is a manufacturer of mass-based battery packs, printed circuit boards, and other IT electronic devices. They […]

  • Revenue Beats Earlier Projections

    Analyst projections on’s sales performance for the third quarter of this year has been beaten already. This was to be credited to the users and companies demand for more online customer support and management software. is currently the key supplier for such online features. Earlier this year, analysts had projected a $555.7 […]

  • What Caused Microsoft’s Outage?

    Last August 17, 2011 was a difficult day for the North American users of SkyDrive and Microsoft Office 365 because they experienced a 3-hour blackout on their cloud system. This was still followed by a series of interruptions during the week.

    Microsoft has recently decided […]

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