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  • Google Close to Launching Cloud-Based Music Store According to multiple music industry sources Google is getting ready to launch an MP3 music store in just a few weeks. The MP3 music store will connect to Google’s existing cloud-based music storage service.

    Google introduced five months ago its cloud music service with limited capabilities and is currently in negotiations with the major […]

  • Six Fatal Mistakes to Avoid In ERP Implementations

    It is a well known fact that there are hundreds of horror stories out there of things that have gone wrong with ERP systems implementations and like all bad news it is often exaggerated so as to guarantee a dramatic effect on the recipient audience.

    The bad news is you cannot turn round and say nobody told […]

  • Google’s New Cloud Database

    Last Thursday, Google introduced a teaser of their new service application called the Google Cloud SQL. This new service will address the needs and be more appealing to business enterprises because of its scalable database platform that is MySQL hosted.

    Google Cloud SQL product Manager,  Navneet Joneja said that they have received various requests […]

  • Considering Hybrid Cloud?

    More and more enterprises investigate the hybrid cloud and think that it is their one-stop answer for their cloud IT solutions. Then only to realize that instead of providing the solutions it created a platform that has become very complex for them to handle.

    These enterprise owners cannot be blamed because with hybrid cloud […]

  • X.commerce Joins OpenStack Community

    X.commerce, a new business at eBay Inc. that connects developers and merchants, today announced it has joined the OpenStack™ communityand will leverage the open source cloud operating system to deliver its powerful commerce ecosystem to the combined developer communities of eBay, PayPal and Magento. By choosing to standardize on […]

  • The Top 5 Cloud Security Companies to Watch

    All companies planning to migrate to the cloud have serious security issues to consider. This is the reason why a lot of startup companies are out in the market to address this problem and to take advantage of this huge market base.

    Check out five of the most recent companies offering their best cloud […]

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Now on Subscription Scheme

    A statement from an Info-Tech analyst revealed what was to be the most overbearing announcement from Adobe MAX. It said that Adobe would soon release its new cloud development in data merger and collaboration; this will be called Adobe Creative Cloud.This new product from Adobe, […]

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