CloudSwing PaaS Cloud Solution Now in GA

OpenLogic announced today the general availability of CloudSwing, the first-ever Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for the enterprise with cost tracking and complete customization of technology stacks.

OpenLogic, a provider of enterprise open source solutions for the cloud and the data center, offers an entirely customizable array of infrastructure, languages, and technology stacks, giving companies and developers the flexibility they need to choose the best platforms for all their cloud deployments.

With CloudSwing enterprises seeking to deploy applications in the cloud, receive a complete open PaaS solution.

Shabbir Merchant, CEO at Pragmatic Techsoft said “OpenLogic CloudSwing lets us quickly and easily deploy open source stacks in the cloud. Thanks to the powerful customization options offered by CloudSwing, we are able to mix-and-match different components, giving our developers the flexibility to choose the best stack for each cloud project.”

Kim Weins, senior vice president of marketing at OpenLogic said “To successfully leverage PaaS solutions, enterprises require the flexibility to choose and customize their technology platform. They also require a unified approach to managing the costs and operations of applications across multiple clouds. CloudSwing eliminates these barriers, by enabling enterprises and developers to customize a stack from open-source and proprietary components and providing enterprise level management features for managing costs and operations.”

OpenLogic notes the following key benefits of CloudSwing

  • Completely flexible choice of infrastructure, language, and technology stack for enterprise cloud deployments
  • Robust customization for technology stacks, including the ability to create new stacks from scratch and incorporate proprietary software
  • Enterprise-class monitoring and support
  • Industry-first Cost Management capabilities offering visibility across multiple clouds and cloud accounts

CloudSwing is available immediately with a free plan that include up to 30 hours of free cloud time on Amazon and Rackspace and a paid plan that dependents on numbers of users and deployed applications and starts at $30/month for a developer, $75/month for a team and $700/month for the enterprises.

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