CloudTimes Announces Media Sponsorship for CloudBeat 2011

CloudTimes is proud to announce a media partnership with VentureBeat on its CloudBeat 2011 conference in Redwood City, CA on Nov 30th – Dec 1st, 2011.

The event will be different from existing cloud conferences. Using a customer-centric approach (rather than vendor-centric), the event will hone in on 12 case studies, where we’ll dissect the most disruptive examples across all layers of the cloud.

These customer case studies will highlight the core components of the cloud revolution:

  • security
  • collaboration
  • analytics
  • mobile usage
  • increased productivity
  • integration

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The cloud is increasingly governing how companies manage themselves, and it’s giving them more flexibility, speed, and savings. At CloudBeat 2011 you’ll learn the best solutions that are changing the way businesses serve customers, empower employees, and deliver tangible value to investors. Participating industry leaders include:

  • Aaron Levie, Co-Founder & CEO,
  • Lew Moorman, CSO & President, Cloud, Rackspace
  • Javier Soltero, CTO, SaaS, VMware
  • Andy McLoughlin, Co-Founder & EVP Strategy, Huddle
  • Luis Robles, Venture Capitalist, Sequoia Capital
  • Solomon Hykes, Co-Founder & CEO, dotCloud
  • Jim McGeever, Chief Operating Officer, NetSuite
  • Marten Mickos, CEO, Eucalyptus Systems
  • Peter Fenton, General Partner, Benchmark Capital
  • Michael Crandell, CEO, RightScale

Check out the full list here.

CloudBeat 2011 will also feature the first ever “Innovation Showdown.” We’re looking for companies with the freshest products or services that leverage the cloud to drive great outcomes for real world organizations. 10 finalists will make the cut, and will have four minutes to showcase their innovative cloud technologies live at CloudBeat 2011. For more info on the Showdown, or to apply, go here.

Join in for an information-packed two days that will offer actionable lessons and networking opportunities, as we explore revolutionary instances of enterprise adoption of the cloud.

CloudTimes readers register here and use promo code “VB_Times” to get 20% off

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