Voyantlink from Brainlab Offers New Features for Surgeons

Brainlab launched VoyantLink currently in Chicago; a cloud platform that allows access, sharing and viewing of patient diagnostic images between hospital staff and surgeons.  It is also an enrichment cloud framework between clinicians, hospitals and imaging centers like the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

With the improvement of VoyantLink’s features it is now the only service product that offers more than image sharing. It now allows users to create a workspace unit that employs clinical management tools and place them on completed tasks to any device or data location that can be accessed by all people on the patient management team making collaboration and updating quick and easy.

VoyantLink is moving out of just image sharing to allow more decision making in patient care. The annual radiology meeting’s theme for this year is “Celebrate the Image,” where VoyantLink will give valuable contributions for the vision of assisted clinical medical decision making for the healthcare team.

President and CEO of Brainlab, Stefan Vilsmeier said, “The image voyage through VoyantLink is like no other service on the market today. The difference that Brainlab brings to the clinical cloud is the enrichment of patient exams, offering physician users more and better information that will help them with critical decision-making and potentially improve outcomes. VoyantLink realizes the Brainlab vision of making medical technology and knowledge more impactful and accessible to physicians and patients.”

Cloud sharing of images can be found with most cloud sharing tools, but with VoyantLink they are now ready to step forward beyond cloud-based image sharing. It now has features that will serve as powerful tools for clinicians that will assist them in making appropriate patient management and treatment.

VoyantLink now allows access for hospital clinicians to collaborate, plan and enrich patient care through the help of real-time digital template for images, pharmacological review, work automation and image integration tools. These new service features streamlines patient management process with Brainlab’s advance treatment software all throughout the patient management.

General Manager of Voyant Health, Marc Mackey said, “VoyantLink can decrease the costs of transfer by eliminating CDs and other manual transfer methods, and eliminate the whole process of VPNs. But not only do facilities and physicians have access to effective image sharing with VoyantLink, they can also access multiple enrichment tools that liberate clinical decision making from a particular workstation, device, or location.”

Brainlab’s acquisition of Voyant Health in June 2011 has made major advancement in terms of synergistic technologies. These capabilities are made possible through their partnerships with VoyantLink, Quentry, Orthoweb and Brainlab.

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