News Digest May 29, 2012

  • SAP Rolls Out New Cloud Strategy for Large Enterprises

    Over the past five years, the cloud strategy of SAP revolved around Business ByDesign, a suite of management applications designed for medium-sized companies which offer demand oriented packages including financial solutions, human resources, supply chain management, business analysis and compliance management.

    When SAP announced the decision to buy SuccessFactors for $3.4 billion in December […]

  • Microsoft Report: Cloud Security Brings More Benefits to SMB

    Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) are taking the advantages of cloud and anticipate the use of cloud technologies will increase the security of their operations, according to new research from Microsoft.

    The study, carried out by Comscore and commissioned by Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Division found SMBs are finding that move to cloud technology […]

  • CEO Series: Michael Meinhardt, President & CEO of Cloudwords

    With their slogan “Translation made easy”, the San Francisco based startup Cloudwords is revamping the $30B translation market. The company competes with other startups in a highly fragmented space like MyGengo, Smartling or Lingotek as well as big “old school” translation companies such as Lionbridge Technologies and SDL.

    Cloudwords OneTM service is a unified translation management system with a MongoDB NoSQL foundation. It […]

  • SIIA Report: Social Media, Mobile Apps, Big Data and Hybrid Cloud will Rule Next Decade

    The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) released its second annual report, Vision from the Top, on the future of the software and services industry. The publication based on the forecasts from 49 CEOs and high level executives, predicts how cloud will drive global business over the next decade.

    The annual report, which […]

  • Symantec Releases SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey Results

    Symantec Corp. tapped the services of research firm ReRez to make a survey through phone from February to March of the current year 2012. Speaking to 2,053 SMB organizations around the world, the research firm talked to IT representatives and senior and C-level management in order to find out whether their IT infrastructures are […]

  • CEO Series: Mat Ellis, Founder & CEO of Cloudability

    We’ve been covering Cloudability for a while, since back in November 2011 when we introduced the company to our readers. Since then, the company has enjoyed good coverage, some healthy funding and progress with their product.

    Cloudability’s platform aggregates customers’ cloud costs into accessible and comprehensive reports to help manage spending, reduce waste, […]

  • IBM Releases Low Cost Cloud Computing Offering

    IBM is set to roll out lower-cost products and services for cloud computing in order to attract more clients. In a move to compete against HP, Cisco, and Equinix, IBM will be offering cloud applications for continued interoperability with Norway’s Otrum, Dell, and Germany’s SAP AG. Instead of managing software applications by themselves, potential […]

  • Small Businesses Are Gaining Trust in Cloud Security

    According to a recent Microsoft study, small and medium sized businesses in Asia and the USA are now more trusting cloud security. Aside from providing increased flexibility, extended accessibility of data and applications, and reduced overhead, it is interesting to note that 35% of the companies surveyed in the United States have improved levels […]

  • News Digest
    CloudStore: The Cloud for SMEsUK Government Director for Dell Alan Mac Neela has recently outlined ways on improving SME engagement in the execution of the Government’s ICT strategy, including methods on how the consortia can support and enhance partnerships between small to medium enterprises and large vendors.According to Mac Neela, the […]

  • Synergy 2012 Recap: Citrix Unveils Tools and Solutions for Cloud and Mobility

    At Citrix Synergy 2012, the conference dedicated to the convergence of mobile working methods and services in the cloud, Citrix has unveiled its new strategy, products, and services for the mobile enterprise.

    With the advent of the era of cloud computing, mobile working patterns are changing and many companies are seeking new ways […]

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