VMware Announces Accelerate Advisory Service to Drive Business Value

VMware, the global leader in cloud infrastructure and virtualization, on Monday announced the formation of VMware Accelerate Advisory Service, a group of former intelligence officers (CIOs), chief technology officers (CTOs) and industry consultants, aimed at business executives and IT Senior Business in order to deepen their knowledge about how cloud computing can provide added value to a company.

Building on the leadership of VMware, the market expertise and resources, Advisory Service has been an ever increasing role that IT plays within organizations to achieve an overall efficiency in business results. These new services, which are the result of years of working with hundreds of clients, provide first custom methods that help accelerate IT business transformation.

The new services will focus on the following areas:

The Market Perspective

Accelerate will provide context and helps streamline IT parameters by defining the business transformations. VMware obtained the IT content with a solid knowledge and a deep ecosystem composed of more than 50,000 partners.

Significant Measurement

Increase the power to IT managers and other industry leaders to identify key performance indicators are required to quantify, measure and analyze the way organizations implement virtualization and cloud infrastructure.  The service will perform an analysis with other data to compare performance against other industry competitors.

The Action Strategy

While analysts point to the need for CIOs and other IT leaders to focus increasingly on core business issues rather than technical issues, Accelerate connects the critical points needed to guide you toward what really affects the value business in the organization.

“IT’s most important mission is creating business value, and having the right IT strategy is already determining winners and losers in many industries,” said Carl Eschenbach, VMware chief operating officer and co-president. “VMware Accelerate helps IT leadership measure, define and guide the transition from technology steward to business partner, so IT can most effectively help business serve customers and create competitive advantage.”

Built on the background information on VMware expertise on virtualization and understanding of current and improved IT performance indicators, Accelerate will provide IT executives a robust approach, based on facts to monitor progress in order to have a solid cloud infrastructure and shaping the business in general.

In addition to the new service, VMware announced the acquisition of certain assets of   Info Tech Health Check (iTHC), based in Virginia, which will further enhance the already robust benchmarking Accelerate service.

The acquisition will benefit VMware with an additional inclusion of 20 industries, which iTHC serves, providing a better understanding of a broader set of comparisons between organizations and colleagues. The associations highlight the need for a focused look at the transitions that experienced CIOs and other IT leaders are looking to defined infrastructure virtualization and cloud computing.

Benchmarking capabilities together by VMware and iTHC will complement the overall service strategy. Additionally, a broader set of IT Business Management (ITBM), services and products will be offered to partners.

VMware Accelerate Advisory Services are available immediately in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, China, Australia, and Southeast Asia. VMware plans to implement the services more widely in rest of Europe and Asia sometime in the second half of 2012.

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