5 Issues Cloud Computing Can't Solve

Cloud computing, even while still in its beginnings has already proven its value. It is already setting up a pattern that demonstrates how it can reshape business processes. It is this breakthrough that lead many to believe cloud computing is a messiah but like any other technology, it cannot fix everything. In fact, it cannot fix many of the critical issues that are essential for business success.

  1. Inefficient Website and Application Design. Some web owners or business owners believe that moving to the cloud will also fix every wrong design element in their website or system. While it is true that moving to the cloud can improve their processes, cloud computing cannot make a bad design good. You also have to expect that for “work” your cloud does, your bill goes up. When you use more of your cloud resources to improve the performance of your badly done site, your provider will charge you for it. If you want to maximize what your cloud can do for you, fix the backbone of your site first.
  2. Organize or Get Rid of Silos. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a public or private cloud, it will not organize the data your collect. Moving into the cloud, will in fact allow you to collect more data. Depending on how you use it, you may collect relevant or irrelevant data but you will collect, a lot. How you will use these data or covert this data to make it compatible with your existing system is all up to you.
  3. Replace Employees. Cloud computing will not take the place of humans in a workplace. Cloud computing is a technical system designed to make processes more efficient but it needs humans to run core businesses systems. Whatever data  the cloud collects will need humans for it to be remotely useable.
  4. Create Business or Create Insights. Data is what the cloud and collect and data is what it will spit out. The data you will collect through and from the cloud is useless unless someone knows how to interpret the data being collected. The data will be useless until it is properly contextualized and no cloud is intelligent enough to do that on their own.
  5. Provide You an Extra Layer of Security. If at all, it will make your system more vulnerable especially if you are in the public cloud. If the World Bank can be hacked, so can you.

If the grand plan is to move as much of the business process to the cloud, you will eventually be able to free up some of your employees. You may then utilize them to do something else but that’s outside the cloud talk. The cloud is about efficiency, strategy is all up to the people running the business.

When a company begins to set up their system in the cloud, more human resources are required. That is to be expected but it shouldn’t be a reason to ignore cloud computing. It is something a company should expect but companies should also be able to look past it.


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