VMware vCloud Hybrid Service to Fully Implement SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service will be the first and so far the only cloud provider that will be fully SUSE Linux Enterprise Server ready before the year-end. The partnership was announced by the vice president for global alliances and marketing for SUSE, Michael Miller. The alliance was made to make SUSE Linux Enterprise more appealing and VMware ready through the latter’s cloud platform.

As of this writing, thousands of VMware users have already tested running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from their existing servers. Other than the high performance VMware offers, it has given users the most cost-effective cloud solution. It also gives users the freedom and flexibility needed in running IT resources, workloads and data centers.

SUSE had been in partnership with VMware since 2010, with its Enterprise Server linked with VMware’s vSphere cloud platform. Technically, and with the current movement, SUSE is simply extending the cloud service agreement with VMware, which will now be made available via vCloud Hybrid Service by the end of this year.

It will be recalled that VMware made the announcement of the vCloud Hybrid Service earlier in March. The service is expected to be rolling this September, which was formally announced at the recently concluded VMworld Conference held in San Francisco.

IT experts speculate that VMware will use infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) for its new public cloud product, which was the initial platform used for its private cloud service. This is seen as a powerful platform, since they will run from the same management and control tools that VMware is known for.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates that Suse and VMware are continuing to partner to offer our customers choice and improved value. SUSE Linux is the only Linux distribution optimized for VMware and this announcement allows customers to leverage these benefits through the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service,” said Brian Green, UKs managing director.

Monthly subscriptions for the service can now be purchased from VMware where OS updates and patches will be made available. Seamless transitioning and shifting from an in-house server to a hosted service will be made via VMware’s ESX Hypervisor, which runs on both VMare vCloud and vCenter consoles.

“We have a lot of customers already running SUSE Linux in their private data centers who are looking to move to public clouds. They will now be able to use the same tools that they use to manage their [private VMware] to manage their instances in the public VMware cloud,” SUSE’s VMware alliance manager, Frank Rego said.

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