HP Redefines Open Application Ecosystem Through SDN Application Store

In light of the many technology transitions that businesses face, such as in security, cloud, mobility and big data, the Software Defined Networking (SDN) is essential to ensure success in networking. HP aims to build an ecosystem of partners seeking to create solutions-driven applications that can generate value for customers with simplicity.

HP announced a new wave of open SDN App Store by offering a vibrant, robust marketplace of innovations that supports more than 5 million users. The new HP SDN App Store aims to promote the development of new innovative technologies and network applications around the area SDN.

According to IDC forecasts, in 2017 the market for applications for SDN will be worth $ 1.1 billion, with the consequent increase in the need for an open and scalable marketplace by vendors of network applications, which will enable to monetize their innovations.

As a first application ecosystem of SDN enterprise-level market, the HP SDN App Store redefines the business model of networking, providing the developer community with a centralized platform to connect with customers around the world. Through App Store, users can discover and buy with ease certain network applications, downloading them in their environment to test them and implement them directly.

The company says the HP SDN Application Store offers independent software vendors an easy way to bring creative solutions to market, enabling IT managers who embrace SDN architecture to solve their unique network challenges through these applications. HP and its partners will not only have the responsibility of creating the software, but also to test and validate applications with HP products, while providing service and support.

To help customers easily navigate HP SDN App Store, the company will offer four different categories defined by applications support process and testing. In HP Circle are applications where HP has been involved exclusively in the development and testing process. In Premium Circle, HP will sell applications which have been jointly tested by HP and its partners. The Partner Circle includes the applications that have been developed and tested by the partners independently and then reviewed by HP. And finally, through Community Circle, free access to applications to be presented to users.

As part of the launch of the HP SDN App Store, the company is introducing six applications from partners, and two applications developed by HP. These are BlueCat DNS Manager, Ecode evolve, F5 BIG DDoS Umbrella, GuardiCore Defense Suite, KEMP Adaptive Load Balancer Application, HP Network Protector and HP Network Optimizer.

Last week, ReportsnReports.com in a report found that the global SDN market will reach $3,670 Million by 2019. The growth in SDN is largely contributed to greater use of network virtualization and data center consolidation by enterprises.

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