Splunk's New Big Data Tool Aims to Attract Non-IT Users

The leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence Splunk launches Splunk Enterprise 6.2, the new version of its operational intelligence platform in real time. It allows companies to explore, analyze and visualize massive data streams generated by the computer systems of companies, whether physical, virtual or in the cloud.

The new version offers simplified data analysis. It also reduces the cost of ownership by improving simultaneous searches and eliminating requirements for shared storage. The company says Splunk Enterprise 6.2 gives easier, more intuitive analysis to casual and less technical users, through enhanced automated discovery of valuable patterns in the machine data.

With improved scalability, elimination of shared storage requirements, and a new Distributed Management Console, Splunk Enterprise 6.2 will also drive greater efficiency for the thousands of organizations that rely on Splunk to gain operational intelligence.

Splunk therefore hopes to attract more users not from IT. The analysis becomes more intuitive for casual users and less technical through improved automatic detection of patterns in the data value of the machine. Splunk uses Machine Learning techniques to discover events automatically. The software is able to perform shows and crossovers, to identify trends, detect anomalies emerging patterns detected trends. These new detection mechanisms and patterns can turn into events that seem innocuous data taken separately.

In addition, this version 6.2 introduces new wizards that make it more user friendly and easier to implement analytical tools, mainly because they allow to overcome the prior creation of data models. Splunk 6.2 introduces Instant Pivot function that is not unlike what Microsoft offers in Excel with its Power Pivot Power tools and BI. Splunk therefore displays a genuine desire to offer its analytical to a larger number of non technical users within the enterprise, without prior knowledge of Splunk and its language search and SPL (Search Processing Language) query.

Universal access to Splunk to a more diverse population becomes more logical data that machines today have an impact far beyond IT. They help to highlight the behavior of users (including on websites of the company) and to derive information that serve as the IT business.

The Splunk App for Enterprise is breaking new grounds in the analysis of safety data by applying statistical techniques to the data that often beyond the scope of existing tools. It is being used by Symantec to react quickly to identify and respond to any type of threat, especially advanced threats that continue to increase in complexity. Splunk embeds powerful search functions that can be turned into alerts and multiple analytical tools to make sense of information buried in the heaps of data flow from the newspapers produced by servers, routers, storage, firewalls, software, debugs programs, etc.

Over the years, Splunk has become the flagship machine data analysis platform no longer content to retrieve log data but also being able to pinch the user data across networks flow. But Splunk is mostly a platform on which companies can build their own dashboards, and developers create apps to meet specific needs suhc as security, compliance, controls, monitoring, understanding of practice, etc.

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