Today Parallels, the worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software, announced the introduction of a new cloud infrastructure, and hosted PBX solutions, as well as support for Microsoft Office 365 Syndication and Hyper-V cloud. In addition, Parallels is investing in APS-enabled solutions to speed up ISV’s ability to profit from the Cloud.

According to Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels, the demand for a trusted and full service IT services provider is brought on with the accelerated cloud adoption by small and medium enterprises. Parallel, forecasts a future cloud market of about $21 billion overall, and reports the cloud-based IT for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in the U.S. was worth $8.6 billion at the end of 2010.

On the market today, complete portfolio of IT service offerings are scarce, and partnering with Parallels IT service providers can meet small and medium enterprises evolving needs and expectations.

Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure
This solution will help service providers profitably offer Cloud computing and datacenter services to developers and small and medium enterprises. Parallels Cloud Infrastructure (CI) is an all rounded infrastructure, including billing and provisioning services. The CI is expandable and flexible so IT professionals can add or subtract services to meet their needs, and the virtual datacenter can be easily created and managed from a control panel.

According to Jérôme Lecat CEO of Scality, “With Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure we discovered a solution that provides utmost level of manageability for service providers who want to offer a complete suite of Cloud Services, ranging from computing and virtualization to storage. As a trusted partner with extended experience of service providers, Parallels was able to leverage our technology to deliver the perfect product for their customers.”

Hosted PBX
This solution will help service providers add hosted PBX and other VoIP services by reselling hosted services. This will allow service providers profit from the growing hosted PBX market. Jack Zubarev, president of marketing and alliances at Parallels, said “We believe that [hosted PBX] will start moving because there is absolutely no reason why SMBs should have the hassle of managing their phone system at their offices,”

Microsoft System Center Hyper-V Cloud
With the increased demand for Microsoft Hyper-V cloud servers, Parallels automation will help service providers quickly deploy these servers. Service providers can then manage the Hyper-V cloud servers, offer self-service control panel and implement a multi-tier reseller channel using Microsoft System Center and Parallels Automation.

Parallels has extended the Microsoft products offering to service provided, to not only include Hyper-V support, but also Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Office Communications Server, Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Online Services syndication.

Microsoft Office 365 Syndication
Cloud service providers can deliver Microsoft Online Services Syndication now and Microsoft Office 365 Syndication when it becomes available, among other services, with Parallels automation of provisioning, billing and service plan creation.

Increased Investment in the APS Program

Parallels has developed a program of system integrators that include ActiveCloud, Komtet, Softec and iSynergy, to accelerated the delivery of new APS enabled solutions. This program can help service providers to APS package their offerings.

According to Birger Steen, Parallels’ newly appointedCEO, “These announcements, along with our strategic partnerships with other cloud leaders, position us for considerable growth as the leader in SMB cloud enablement.”

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