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    • SMB NAS Systems not Threatened by Cloud Storage

      Cloud data storage systems do not correspond to the death omen for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) network-attached storage (NAS). In fact, it is expected to reach sky high in revenue in 2015 by as much as $2 billion.

      This was supported by the survey conducted by In-Stat, a market research company [...]

    • ScaleXtreme announces Early Access program – Interview with CEO Nand Mulchandani

      The Cloud-based Systems Management startup, ScaleXtreme is launching their Early Access program today. We had the chance to interview their CEO, Nand Mulchandani.

      Which problems do you solve?

      The rate of server deployments is vastly outstripping the rate of systems admin hiring. Admins are being asked to manage more servers, with more [...]

    • Intel Capital Invests in Cloud Computing and Mobile Phone Technology

      Intel Corporation’s venture capital arm, Intel Capital, announced recently their new ventures in 4 new companies whose focal point is cloud computing and more advanced mobile phone technology. This new undertaking will entail an additional investment of $24.5 million from the company bringing their total investments for the last 20 years up to $10 [...]

    • Cloud Migration Report States Security and Monitoring Tools as Important

      Business IT solutions that are considering upgrading their computer systems and migrating from a private cloud infrastructure must consider pitfalls and provide the necessary security and monitoring to avoid these situations from happening. This is based on a report made by migration specialist SANpulse.

      The report stated that there are many areas to be [...]

    • Hadoop Compression – The Elephant That’s Not In The Room

      We are living in the age of “Big Data” where billions of transactions, events or activities are generated through use of smartphones, web browsing, smartmeter sensors and more. Hadoop, MapReduce and a new generation of NoSQL technologies are helping us manage, transform, analyze and deal with the data overload. Together they process extreme volumes [...]

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