ScreenHunter 01 Sep. 22 04.04 231x300 Ready or not, here comes the cloudMany it executives can sympathize with the issues that Obopay, inc. faces every day. The company provides a service that enables customers to send and receive money quickly using mobile phones. Its core application must interconnect with a complex network of partner systems as well as the many flavors of mobiles phone on the market. And it needs to traverse all these connections while providing near-instantaneous performance, a high level of security, and “five nines” reliability.

“Moving money around has all kinds of security, scalability, performance and resilience issues,” says John tumminaro, CtO and co-founder. “WebLogic is the canvas that allows us to pay attention to our application and not to building application servers, naming directories or clustering.”

Obopay uses Oracle webLogic to separate the application from the complex underlying infrastructure via middleware connectors. The company’s environment may be more complicated than most, but the issues Obopay faces in keeping its systems fast and available are nothing new.

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