The Ponemon Institute published a study on the global use of encryption of sensitive data by users in the cloud. Beyond the results, the document also provides an interesting perspective on the perception of cloud and security by companies from different countries.

The study conducted by Ponemon Institute in association with computer [...]

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Teambox is a cloud-based platform that offers a wide variety of tools meant for collaboration, filesharing, and task management. One of Teambox’s notable strengths is its support for the integration of 3rd party applications, and recently they have made some improvements on said modularity by offering the capability to integrate their core [...]

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by Paula Skokowski

Where’s Your Data?

In the world of IT, what could be more fundamental than keeping control of enterprise data and making that data accessible to authorized employees? Yet today, a growing number of IT organizations find it challenging to meet this requirement.


The consumerization of IT and the dawn [...]

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Backblaze, a leading online backup provider, announced today they have inked a deal with TMT Investments Plc to obtain $5 million in equity funding. Backblaze is already profitable and growing quickly and this funding will be used to accelerate hiring for product development, global marketing, and partnerships. To date, Backblaze has been [...]

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Storing of data in the cloud is convenient, there is no need to buy any equipment and in most cases it helps companies address challenges related to the growth of protecting and managing of business application data. Now users can quickly recover lost data when stored in a system based on cloud [...]

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The Open Source solutions provider announced the availability of Red Hat Storage Server 2.0, an open source storage scalable solution designed to manage unstructured data.

Red Hat Storage Server 2.0 is the first system to combine the innovations of the open source community and the benefits of capacity and cost effectiveness of [...]

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Mobile computing, social networking, connected devices and the desire to share contents across multiple devices will inspire consumers to store their digital data in the cloud.

Gartner, the research firm, has come out with one more report of the growing importance of the cloud. Gartner said more than one third of all [...]

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Microsoft and Symantec team up to implement a management solution and disaster recovery in Windows Azure cloud platform.

Symantec said it will expand the availability of Symantec Storage Foundation for Windows and Veritas Volume Replicator high disaster recovery software solution platform in Windows Azure cloud.

The agreement was announced at the recent [...]

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Apple has recently announced that their top end MacBook Pro will no longer come with a hard drive, as the new ones will only contain much faster SSD or Solid State Drives. The announcement heralds one of the most important shifts in the industry trend towards SSD-only systems using cloud-based storage devices.


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Continuing its strategy of moving beyond the PC, software and services, Dell launched its first service in the cloud infrastructure earlier this year thanks to a partnership with VMware.

Dell announced it is expanding availability of its Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter services into Canada and Europe.

The service will [...]

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Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, together with Rackspace Hosting, are staging a price war for their services. Amazon started implementing its cloud support plans changes in response to the price slash Microsoft and Rackspace are instituting for their services. Being a leader in Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings, Amazon holds around 80% of the whole [...]

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The US federal agencies are an exemplary example of a source of more data. One of the largest exporter of IT outsourcing, the federal government is proposed to spent $78.9 billion in IT budget for fiscal year 2013.

Big data, for last four years are more or less has been relatively flat, [...]

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The California-based Box boasts of 11 million existing users and is currently positioning itself in the market as an IT-friendly safe and secure way for users, particularly business-oriented ones, to store presentations, documents, and photos that can be shared as needed.

The new enterprise-wide search capability gives system administrators the ability to [...]

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