The Cloud represents a market where Oracle wants to win. The 24 services launched by the database leader include all the tools companies need to conduct their operations in the cloud and thus should help customers make the move to the cloud.

Oracle Cloud Platform was enriched by nearly 24 new [...]

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At a time when many businesses see a high value of big data, it is good to start thinking about how to use database administrators and managers of data warehousing for needs of big data.

Oracle offered an elegant solution – extending its middleware Data Integrator, which referred to specialists for database [...]

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Oracle and Samsung Electronics are about to enter into a partnership to provide companies with a set of mobile services in the cloud. Such an agreement would allow Oracle to push its software solutions in the cloud and Samsung to have more opportunities in the enterprise market. The Korean manufacturer has also [...]

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There have been more data in the last two years than in the entire history of computing. And this explosion of information requires companies to have effective tools for collecting and analyzing data. Moreover, the increasing trend of connectivity across different mobile devices pushes companies to integrate their infrastructure to these platforms.


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The former arch enemies Microsoft and Oracle join forces in a new partnership in the field of cloud computing. The partnership will enhance the compatibility of certain Oracle software (including Java, WebLogic Server and Oracle Database) with the Microsoft Windows Azure or Windows Server Hyper-V platform.


Did an Alliance Become Necessary? [...]

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Oracle announced an agreement to acquire DataRaker, an analysis platform in the cloud that allows service providers of electricity, gas and water utilities to realize huge amounts of data to optimize operational efficiency and improve the client experience.

DataRaker develops solutions for analyzing energy consumption, electricity and gas, and water. [...]

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On the sidelines of the quarterly results, Oracle CEO said the company would offer its public cloud during its OpenWorld event at the end of the month.

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, said a new IaaS platform would be unveiled at the upcoming OpenWorld conference. According to him, this service will [...]

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Experts are currently puzzled, and some of them even shocked, at Oracle’s latest public cloud vision, in which the software company continues their lock-in approach, which is not a good idea considering the direction taken by the cloud industry these days.

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Continuing its strategy of moving beyond the PC, software and services, Dell launched its first service in the cloud infrastructure earlier this year thanks to a partnership with VMware.

Dell announced it is expanding availability of its Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter services into Canada and Europe.

The service will [...]

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Terremark, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications Inc. and EMC join forces in a strategic global support for clients on cloud computing. This initiative aims to develop and distribute all products and services by cloud optimized storage technologies, backup and replication of EMC.

In this context, Terremark intends to standardize its [...]

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Oracle has officially launched its public cloud market, Oracle Cloud, thus entering a segment that has long shunned by the world’s number two software major and the world’s largest database maker.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has introduced suites of cloud services including Oracle Cloud Social Services, a business social platform, [...]

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