Oracle Acquires DataRaker and Strengthens Big Data Analytics Capabilities

Oracle announced an agreement to acquire DataRaker, an analysis platform in the cloud that allows service providers of electricity, gas and water utilities to realize huge amounts of data to optimize operational efficiency and improve the client experience.

DataRaker develops solutions for analyzing energy consumption, electricity and gas, and water. These analyzes are used to determine the existence of problems of distribution of electricity or fluids on a network. DataRaker software processes data from more than 17 million smart meters.

DataRaker software contains a number of high-performance, pre-built applications that can address a number of complex analytical challenges now facing the energy industry. For example, it can help customers reduce the time that is required for handling calls, reduce the time spent in the field, and provide clients with more personalized information.

The large amount of data created by smart meters and sensors presents utility companies a tremendous opportunity to improve operations and provide quality customer service, acting on the unique perspectives that can only be found at through understanding of the huge amounts of data from the clients and networks. It is estimated that the market for smart meters will reach $23.1 billion in annual investments by 2017, up from $15.3 billion in 2012.

Leading-edge utilities are investing in infrastructure to collect massive amounts of data from millions of distributed smart meters and sensors. This “Big Data” requires an innovative technology platform to process and analyze the information so that utilities can then leverage it into actionable business intelligence. DataRaker’s cloud-based analytics, when combined with Oracle Utilities solutions, are expected to transform meter, customer, network and asset Big Data for improved decision-making capabilities. The two-way information flow between DataRaker and Oracle’s mission-critical applications will strengthen the effectiveness of both solution sets, says Rodger Smith, SVP and GM of Oracle Utilities.

The software giant wants the technology of DataRaker into his own applications for the utility industry. Customers will be able to manage that data streams but also analyzes the data, allowing them for example to predict how much energy/water/gas is necessary to tracking load. The acquired company provides an analytical platform in the cloud to analyze data collected by smart meters introduced by these distribution networks to improve operational efficiency and providers to offer their customers the tools to control their consumption.

In addition, DataRaker proven solutions enable users to realize immediate benefits of smart devices by transforming the meter data, customer knowledge and networks providing a major impact on business performance.

Oracle has made more big acquisitions since its acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2010, but in recent months has conducted a series of more targeted purchases in cloud computing. In early October, Oracle announces new cloud computing services and later announced to buy of on-demand portfolio management provider Instantis. It was followed by the acquisition of cloud talent management vendor SelectMinds.

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