CloudTimes Joins Cloud Control Conference as a Sponsor

Not Your Ordinary Cloud Conference

The market is flooded with generic conferences and trade shows. We have all attended them; few are entertaining others overwhelming and some simply useless. The sales pitch hits you in the face like a brick wall as you cross the carpeted threshold of the Exhibitor gauntlet. Education as a concept is thrown out the window and replaced with some sort of hybrid presentation that incorporates a hard sell with tidbits of fleeting wisdom.

The Cloud Control Conference debuting in Boston this July is a refreshing splash within the ocean of cloud conferences that have emerged over the past year or so. Unlike other exhibitor driven functions the Cloud Control Conference focuses on educating today’s Enterprises about the benefits of cloud computing, the risks and obstacles involved with a cloud migration and some technical aspects that new users must be aware of as they make their approach. The conference’s focus on education comes in the form of use cases and case study presentations. The agenda is full of non-service provider entities discussing their experiences with migration and management.

To kick off the event Adam Swidler of Google Enterprise will be co-presenting with his customer Chet Loveland CISO of MeadWestvaco, a multinational Fortune 500 manufacturing corporation. Loveland and Swidler will discuss the process and deployment of Google’s cloud based services within MWV’s existing IT architecture. An exciting case study presentation will also be delivered by NASA CIO James Williams. Williams will analyze the evolution of the NASA Nebula program and it’s function. Nebula combines the computing power of a container data center with the scalability of cloud computing, providing NASA researchers with immense computing power ready with the flick of a switch. Back in 2009 federal CIO Vivek Kundra stated that Nebula was an example of the governments ability to  “leverage the most innovative technologies.”

Another interesting company that will be discussing the use case of cloud computing is CrowdFlower. CrowdFlower is the largest crowdsourcing company out there and is breaking down the barriers of the way the enterprise conducts tasks. The Founder and CEO Lukas Biewald will be presenting, not on crowdsourcing’s effect on industry, but on the cloud’s effect on the technology. This case study will highlight cloud computing’s role as the catalyst behind new business models and concepts that will change the way our world sees connectivity, work and productivity.

Leaders in the industry will also be involved, diving deeper into the mechanics and technical operations of the cloud and the security implications it brings about. Market leaders such as Rackspace, AT&T, Unisys and Akamai will all be included in the discussion.

To give the conference a little spark for industry professionals looking for an exciting cloud meetup, The Cloud Control Conference is co-located with the popular Green Data Center series. GDCON covers energy efficiency technologies in the data center, and will highlight leading facilities experts discussing the importance of reducing the carbon footprint of our computing centers. The educational overtones and options available at both conferences give delegates something to grab hold, take back to their organization and begin feeling the impact of cost and energy savings.

CloudTimes is a media sponsor of the Cloud Control Conference. The Cloud Control Conference and exposition will be debuting in Boston on July 19-21.

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