Former NASA CTO Launches Start-up For Web-Scale Private Clouds

A team of engineers and entrepreneurs led by former NASA CTO Chris C. Kemp, launched today Nebula and announced plans for a turnkey OpenStack hardware appliance that allows businesses to easily, securely and inexpensively deploy large private cloud computing infrastructures from thousands of computers with minimal effort.

Chris Kemp, CEO of Nebula said “Until today, this computing power has only been accessible to organizations like NASA and a small number of elite Silicon Valley companies. We intend to bring it to the rest of the world.”

Big data has been an escalating concern for companies and its growth rate is far exceeding processing and storage capacities. This rapid growth has prompted a host of new innovations in the field of big data analytics.

Although cloud computing is seen as the infrastructure solution for big data analytics, its barriers to adoption have been high. Nebula lowers these barriers by delivering a full-service turnkey appliance for companies to quickly build their own private cloud computing based on OpenStack.

Nebula is backed by high profile investors, including Google’s first investors Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, David Cheriton and Ram Shriram.

Andy Bechtolsheim said “Nebula embracing OpenStack today is similar to Sun embracing Berkeley UNIX in the 1980s. Proprietary systems did not have a chance against open platforms. I see Nebula as the company that will bring OpenStack to the private enterprise cloud.”

Nebula will support Facebook’s Open Compute platform in addition to standard commodity servers and will enable companies to deploy highly efficient and inexpensive servers with a simplicity that will lower the adoption barrier to private cloud computing.

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