The Top 5 Cloud Security Companies to Watch

securityAll companies planning to migrate to the cloud have serious security issues to consider. This is the reason why a lot of startup companies are out in the market to address this problem and to take advantage of this huge market base.

Check out five of the most recent companies offering their best cloud security features.


Cloud Passage has its headquarters in San Francisco and was founded by CEO Carson Sweet, who came from Agentrics, Executive Chairman Talli Somekh from Musea Ventures and Vice President of Engineering, Vitaliy Geraymovych from a technology consulting firm.

The key features of their product include Halo SVM and Firewall SaaS, and the best part of their service is that it is free.

Their Selling Point: CloudPassage had their eyes on the reliable security feature that will protect the virtual server platform, which they believe is the lifeblood of the virtual network. CEO Sweet said, “People sometimes sort of forget about the virtual network around those machines that need to be secured.”


CipherCloud’s headquarters is located at Cupertino, California. Founder and CEO is Pravin Kothari; he was formerly the founder, CTO and interim-CEO for Agillance. He also held the vice president of engineering and co-founder position for ArcSight.

They use tokenization and cloud data encryption for their security features, which they offer on a pay-per-service subscription at $20 per month.

Their Selling Point: CipherCloud focuses on encryption and tokenization as their primary security feature, which will both protect data on storage and data in migration. Kothari said that the security threat  lies in the hands of the unsecured enterprise customers and not their cloud providers. He said, “Our gateway is designed as a stateless solution. This, along with our high-performing encryption algorithms, ensures near-zero impact on the performance.”


HyTrust’s headquarters is located at Mountainview, California. The following key people are responsible for the company startup: John De Santis is CEO, who is the former vice president of Cloud Services at VMWare, Eric Chiu and Renata Budko are co-founders and act as president and vice president of marketing, Hemma Prafullchandra is CTO, who is also the former CTO of FuGen Solutions.

HyTrust offers their newest version 2.2, which supplies a centralized access and control for cloud servers that provide reliable security and compliance. The service per host supported is set at $1,000.

Their Selling Point: They have been chosen last year as the “2010 Company to watch” gives them the edge over their competitors. Their security product stood out against established industry forerunners conducted by Trend Micro that tested various virtualization security management tools.


Bromium is a company that is still on the stealth mode and is currently developing their security features. Their headquarters are located in Cupertino, California and Cambridge, U.K. It is headed by their founders Gaurav Banga, former CTO of Phoenix Technologies; Simon Crosby, former Citrix CTO of Data Center and Cloud Division and Ian Pratt, current chairman of and another Citrix expert.

Since the product is not out yet there is no pricing available, but a lot of hint are being speculated that Bromium’s product will use virtualization to secure all endpoints of the cloud enterprise.

Their Selling Point: Crosby remains to be one of the most outspoken about the public cloud. He says that security breaches are not the result of cloud loopholes, rather they come from the unprotected cloud enterprise customer base, which they are hoping to address.

High Cloud Security

The company’s headquarters is located also at Mountain View, California. High Cloud Security’s co-founders include Bill Hackenberger, who is also CEO and president and Steve Pate. Hackenberger, was a key person in startups like AIM Technology; he also served as vice present of engineering for Caymas Systems and Vormetric. Pate, on the other hand, served as CTO of Vormetric and developed virtualization at HyTrust.

Their product has not released any pricing yet, but says that their Virtual Machine encryption answers will provide a vital security platform.

Their Selling Point: Their product marketing strategy took a different route by releasing an excerpt from an article that pointed out the three quick steps on how to steal and hijack important enterprise data. They emphasized that all machines are running virtual at that time, so they came up with a solution that the only way to prevent hijackers’ access to the database is to encrypt all sensitive information at the storage layer.

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