Cloud Computing to Change How Jobs are Done

Cloud computing is obviously a game changer and a life changer; this brings to mind how the nature of work and jobs will be affected in 2012. This includes not just the IT Technology, but all jobs that operate on the cloud.

IT will play a strategic role on the direction that businesses will take as cloud makes it a more scalable and reliable platform.

Partner and principal technologist of Concentrated Technology, Greg Shields told Jason Helmick of Interface Technical Training, “For a long period of time, IT was in that Wild West mode. We were making up the rules as we go.  You don’t grow your own food. You don’t raise your own cows anymore for meat. You go to the grocery store because somebody’s figured out that I can create this experience that is the grocery store, and I can do it at a lower cost, both in time and in dollar cost.”

IT leaders are now tasked to identify and generate resources whether they are from the existing data center or they are from the public cloud. CIO’s are also expected to identify and develop relevant cloud computing infrastructure. A recent study of 685 CIO’s was conducted by CA Technologies. The figure showed that 54% of the CIO’s were happy from cloud computing for it gave them more time on business strategies, development and innovation. 71% said that they already migrated to cloud computing and see their position as a viable means to generate additional management roles, unlike CIO’s that have not been virtualized. The greater challenge that companies are faced with as a result of this trend is to find highly skilled people.

VP of global marketing CTO for EMC Corporation, Chuck Hollis said in his blog, “If you’re an IT leader, you’ve got an interesting challenge on your hands. You most likely don’t have the right portfolio of end-state roles, skills and processes. And you are probably lacking the people with skills who can lead the change from present state to future state.”

Other jobs that will be on demand include application development professionals and managers, enterprise architects, cloud capacity planners, cloud architects, cloud service managers and cloud solutions consultant. Cloud is expected to be part of each applicant’s portfolio and will be an integral part of their job qualifications.

COO of The Open Group and CEO of the Association of Enterprise, Steve Nun said, “Business executive involvement will be especially helpful when outsourcing IT processes, such as cloud computing. Business executive involvement will be especially helpful when outsourcing IT processes, such as cloud computing,”

IBM’s Kevin Daley and Vice Chairman of The Open Group Business Forum added, “Cloud will help increase the speed of development and change. The business architect will be called upon to ensure the strategic relevancy of transformation in a repeatable fashion as cycle times and rollouts happen faster.”

Hollis of EMC emphasized that IT people will become the “infrastructure enablers.” The cloud has also placed software engineers on the spotlight; in fact, CareerCast identified it as the best job position in 2012. Here, is a glimpse of the new breed of professionals as a result of cloud computing:

Cloud Computing Architect – Provides a key role in cloud architecture and design plus the implementation of various cloud-based solutions; also collaborates with CTO, engineering and product managers to drive optimized cloud solutions.

Cloud Specialist – Provides the expertise in troubleshooting design and engineering problems by working closely with engineers and project managers.

Lead Software Developer Provides cloud-focused business solutions that will increase company value and enterprise growth. Also provides continuous upgrade of the cloud platform to allow cloud integration with platforms such as Google and Amazon.

Systems Engineer – Provides support for a seamless transition of services to the cloud computing platform. It also involves development of cloud-based business plans and strategies with high RMA, performance level and security.

Cloud ArchitectProvides technical support for clients and prospective users and interacts with CIO and CTO levels regarding best cloud practices that will benefit the clients.

Cloud Alliance Manager – Provides management and control of cloud partnerships through effective marketing programs that will be equally beneficial for all stakeholders.

Virtualization & Cloud Computing Subject Matter ExpertProvides the expertise from cloud computing roadmap development from a technical and mission perspective, plus identification of probable cloud obstacles and provides solutions for them.  

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