Databases and ERP Selection: Oracle vs. SQL Server

How do Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database platforms compare on reliability, scalability and cost?

An enterprise application like enterprise resources planning (ERP) or enterprise asset management (EAM) is comprised of multiple technologies layers, but during a software selection process it is the database layer that can be the subject of some of the most heated discussions, at least among technologists.

Technologists, like everyone else, have preferences and biases about a number of things, including databases. In this whitepaper, we’ll try to sidestep these biases and preferences to compare how SQL Server and Oracle databases compare when it comes to their ability to support an enterprise application in small to medium-sized business (SMB), middle market and enterprise-level situations. Is one database plat- form really more complex to operate or expensive to run? How well does each platform scale to support additional users and business growth?

The database is an essential component of enterprise applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise asset management (EAM).  This white paper outlines the advantages and disadvantages of the Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database platforms.



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