How to Build a Secure Cloud Environment – Study

Symantec has presented its vision for a secure, agile and efficient cloud. Within five years, companies would operate in a world of cloud, virtualization and mobile computing, converged IT; a world in which the cloud will be much more secure.

Today, cloud computing technologies are changing rapidly. A survey conducted by Symantec reveals that 23% of the information of companies around the world is currently stored in public, private and hybrid cloud. Sophisticated cyber-attacks so far launched against governments or entities will be targeted at data center with high profitability and high profile cloud. In the face of these new challenges, companies of all sizes will need a rigorous approach to the cloud and leading technology partners that can help them navigate through the complexities of the cloud.

To remain secure in the face of such new challenges, Symantec defines a ‘safe cloud‘ vision to help companies to successfully migrate into safe cloud environment.

Interconnected Cloud Architectures

The proliferation of applications and cloud services will continue to progressively increase the volume of data transmitted by computer networks, public and private clouds, mobile devices and other devices. A hybrid cloud environments that operate in public and private clouds will increase the protection management and control of data.

Secure, Flexible and Efficient Cloud

With a secure cloud, companies can move confidential information about customers and business to the cloud. They will enjoy the full benefits of cloud computing including security, control and increased data availability. Users will benefit from productivity gains and greater ease of access between mobile devices and clouds.

Cloud will be at Center Stage

IT departments can create cloud computing infrastructures environments from scratch. The workloads will not be processed on site, but in offsite clouds. Companies will benefit from cloud computing including advanced protection of their data, innovative business models, and new technologies and use new ways of interacting with information.

Extend to the Cloud Safely

For businesses that extend their IT investments in private and public cloud, Symantec enables organizations to achieve greater security, visibility and control of information. The company’s Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition, Symantec cloud services including Email, Web and IM security, archiving and continuity, Symantec File Share Encryption, Symantec O3 secure cloud access control point, and Symantec Protection Engine for Cloud Service Providers offers a number of integrated services to enterprises into these cloud ecosystems in a highly secure way.

Symantec Protection Engine for cloud service providers and Virtual Business Services, which is a feature of Veritas Cluster Server, are designed to ensure that multi-tier applications can meet the increasing service levels IT organizations that companies are expected to provide.

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  1. A recent survey done by @CipherCloud, the leader in securing sensitive data in the cloud, concluded that data security, privacy, residency, and compliance issues continue to hinder cloud adoption, with 66 percent of organizations reporting at least one cloud project that has been stopped or delayed due to these factors. Worries over data leakage topped the list with 52 percent of respondents indicating this was a concern. @CipherCloud eliminates these worries with its cloud encryption gateway.

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