Yahoo Rediscovers Mobile – Will it Work This Time?

With Yahoo’s new plan to focus on mobile, we can expect the company to close some of its online services like the local events calendar and a coupon site as told by its Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer. Yahoo! Kids and Yahoo! Deals and Upcoming were shut down on April 30 together with a host of older email and messenger applications, and SMS update service. According to Mayer, the plan is to trim its products to about a dozen so that the company can focus on providing mobile applications.

According to Executive Vice President of Platforms Jay Rossiter, closing the less attractive and older Yahoo products will free up resources which can be used for developing mobile applications for weather and email. Yahoo has recently introduced a new email application for tablet devices which is able to organize messages by sender. It also released a new application for weather forecast checking on smartphones.

Up until March of this year, Yahoo has made some mobile progress with more than 300 million active subscribers. There was also an increase in Flickr and Yahoo Mail active daily users. With such promising results, Mayer is optimistic that the company can be a prime mover in mobile applications in the years to come.

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