Big Data Gets Simpler with Hadoop Powered Intel Data Platform

To help companies maximize the benefits of investments in big data, Intel launched the Intel Data Platform, a suite of software based on open source technologies designed to simplify and accelerate the management of big data.

Based on the Intel Software Distribution for Apache Hadoop, the platform provides an open environment for importing, managing and analyzing big data and includes new features for data processing, such as interactive and iterative analysis and processing graphs. Intel Data Platform can be used by retailers, for example, to analyze data from social media, shopping in the stores and inventory to assess the effectiveness of a marketing strategy on the demand for a new product.

Intel says the Data Platform is primarily an operating system designed for big data processing resources, supports a wide range of applications and provides a high level of protection, as well as a sense of security to users of open source solutions.

The company has also announced the new Intel Data Analytics Platform Toolkit (Data Platform Intel AT) that can create an environment for analysis with graphs and configuration of predictive models designed to support companies in the use of information contained in hidden data. Taken together, these capabilities allow companies to extract value from data in ways that could not be obtained only through the use of Apache Hadoop software.

Users who opt for Intel’s distribution of Apache Hadoop can count on the fact that their chosen platform will work more efficiently than others, because it has been optimized for Xeon processors. Intel also offers software to quickly encrypt and decrypt data (developed specifically for the Hadoop platform), which uses an AES algorithm for better security.

With the help of a fully integrated environment for streaming data processing in real-time, companies including telecommunications will be able to analyze large amounts of information, tailored to meet the needs of customers in order to offer personalized recommendations for new products and services.

The Toolkit provides the basis for the typical algorithms, including allocation of network clusters and clusters based on graphs that IT professionals can adapt and use for their own purposes. Simple implementation of the algorithms can be widely used in various industries, including the financial sector, healthcare and retail. The toolkit also includes an improved development environment for classical solutions for computer training in order to facilitate the work of programmers.

Research firm Gartner said that big data analytics will play a crucial role in detecting crime and security infractions. By 2016, more than 25 percent of global firms will adopt big data analytics for at least one security and fraud detection case. Data processing specialists working for companies that offer financial services can use Intel set of tools to obtain valuable information such as fraud detection and transactions.

The platform will be available next quarter in two versions, Enterprise Edition and Premium Edition, each with different levels of support. The Enterprise Edition will provide all the functionality of the platform for free, while the Premium Edition will be available for a fee with an annual subscription and will provide additional technical features, including advanced automation, corrections and proactive alerts for safety, functionality and ongoing updates, and live telephone technical support.

Intel’s new platform for big data will face competition from many other solutions of this type on the market today, including solutions offered by Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others. Microsoft revealed Azure cloud-based Hadoop service known as a Windows Azure HDInsight Service in a move to support open source projects.

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