samsung logo 300x175 Samsung is Testing Brain Control for SmartphonesTeaming up with a University of Texas engineering professor, Samsung starts working on allowing the brain to control a tablet or smartphone. In a MIT Technology Review by Susan Young, the electroencephalography cap being developed can start an application, pick a song from a playlist, select a person from the contact list, or turn on or off a smartphone or tablet. The project’s aim is to maximize the ways people can communicate with mobile devices.

Although Samsung doesn’t intend to offer a phone which can be controlled by the brain, research shows that this project can help those individuals with mobility issues to finish tasks which had been impossible before. However, it should be noted that Samsung didn’t pioneer this technology as there had been companies which had already launched similar devices.

According to Roozbeh Jabari, the Dallas-based University of Texas assistant electrical engineering professor, the device being developed with Samsung doesn’t need liquid bridge and takes only 10 seconds to setup. However, users must wear the wire-covered cap. According to their research, it is possible for a person to start an application and make selections if he concentrates on an icon which is blinking at a particular frequency.

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