by Erik Grueter

What if your software could detect when it was under attack? What if files reported when, where and by whom they were opened?

Intelligent digital assets are behind an agile new security style called Information Based Security.  Developed in response to an increased use of file sharing services, personal devices, and [...]

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by Anchita Magan

How significant is Big Data in the retail industry?

Everything from meager detail to highly important information of the business world is stored and classified in bits and bytes called Big Data. Nowadays big data are being used as never before, to look into the minds of the customers and [...]

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by Navid Nathoo

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… people used filing cabinets to store their documents and files, secretaries were hired to manage these files and search for them through massive amounts of clutter, and photocopies needed to be made in order to fax the files. Now [...]

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By Nelson Nahum

Many people look at the cloud as a way of reducing costs (no capital expenses, no real estate, no hardware management, etc.) While the cloud does offer real advantages when it comes to cost reduction, the real game-changers in the cloud are how expenditures are used and the agility [...]

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By Andi Mann

People keep storing and sharing highly sensitive information in the public cloud despite the warnings about the dangers, and despite story after news story that validates those warnings. This is the rogue cloud—a de facto innovation platform that exists thanks to legions of organizations diving headlong into [...]

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By Vic Nyman

Several industry leaders have declared that 2013 will be The Year of the Hybrid Cloud. Cloud as a business concept has taken off – Amazon Web Services revenue is projected to grow to $3.8 Billion in 2013, with continued rapid growth projected for several years out.  Hybrid Cloud [...]

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by Ravi Shankar

Why Cloud Master Data Management is Now Essential to Maximizing the Value of All Your Data

Remember what first sparked business’ collective imagination about cloud computing? Its potent combination of ubiquitous access, utility pricing and hands-off application maintenance was something entirely new to companies reliant on on-premise applications. From a [...]

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By Deney Dentel

Disasters are unpredictable. They can strike at any time and cause irreparable damage. Its devastating effect has questioned the survivability of several business organizations. Studies reveal that more than 25% of companies are closed due to disasters and are never reopened.

You must be aware that business continuity and [...]

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By Sue Poremba

Use of cloud services at home, in the workplace and in large enterprises has steadily and significantly increased. Now we are seeing a similar trend with mobile devices and cloud technology. Mobile devices are already accessing a number of cloud services, such as Dropbox, and more third-party applications utilize [...]

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By Floyd Strimling

Google challenges Amazon AWS for public cloud supremacy

With far too much attention being placed on an OpenStack competitor to Amazon, Google Compute Engine will emerge as the clear alternative. Google’s secret sauce includes a complex mix of datacenters, virtualization, breakthrough software, a comprehensive fiber backbone, and the use of [...]

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By Teyo Tyree, Puppet Labs

Enterprises look to adopt cloud operations practices more broadly. It is not just about IaaS and PaaS offerings.  The cloud effect is a continuation of the homogenization of infrastructure that started with virtualization. Homogenization has lowered operational costs and sped up new product delivery. Companies will begin [...]

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By Larry Warnock, CEO of Gazzang

Rarely a day goes by that we don’t see a new analyst estimate highlighting the impact of Big Data. Gartner now claims it will drive $34 billion of IT spending in 2013, up from $28 billion in 2012. There’s no doubt big data means big business.


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By Scott Hebner, Vice President, IBM Cloud & Business Infrastructure Management

Social, mobile and cloud are more than just three of the most hyped buzz words in technology, they are three facets of the same movement and an everyday reality for consumers and businesses alike.

Whether you’re a college student streaming music [...]

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By John Bantleman, CEO, RainStor

With the price of commodity hardware continuing to motion downward, it continues to surprise me when I talk to organizations that still offload their historical data to tape offline and inaccessible. I can only guess that it is driven by a mix of factors that include no [...]

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Application delivery networking has its roots in simple load balancing, but has evolved considerably over the last decade. The first evolution was the integrated traffic management appliance, combining load balancing with additional networking functions such as SSL acceleration, compression, caching, TCP offload, connection multiplexing and Web firewalls to improve the performance, availability [...]

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Recent research reviewing small- to medium-size website traffic revealed that 51% of web site traffic is non-human, and that 31% is potentially damaging – automated malicious traffic from hackers, spies, scrapers, and spammers.

Given these numbers, no one wants to leave a website’s “front door” open. Website owners work hard [...]

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