EMC Greenplum To Announce Free Community Edition of 'Big Data' at Strata

EMC Corporation will announce today at the O’Reilly Strata Conference in Santa Clara, a free Community Edition of the EMC® Greenplum® Database, the industry-leading, high-performance massively parallel processing (MPP) database product, along with free analytic algorithms and data mining tools. A free download is immediately available at http://community.greenplum.com.

This free set of tools enables the community to not only better understand their data, gain deeper insights and better visualize insights, but to also contribute and participate in the development of next-generation tools and solutions. With the Community Edition stack, developers can build complex applications to collect, analyze and operationalize big data leveraging best of breed big data tools including the Greenplum Database with its in-database analytic processing capabilities.

“Our new Community Edition provides a parallel-everything “Big Data” stack with unequaled speed that enables analysts to perform next-generation data analytics and experiment with real-world data, and most importantly — innovate,” explained Luke Lonergan, CTO and vice president, EMC Data Computing Products Division and co-founder of Greenplum. “This project is about empowering developers – they can program using the most popular tools and they have a place to contribute open source extensions to the stack.”

The initial release of the EMC Greenplum Community Edition is designed for both first-time users and experienced Greenplum customers. First-time users gain access to a comprehensive, purpose-built business analytics environment that enables them to view, modify and enhance included demo data files, enabling experimentation with “Big Data” analytical tools within the Greenplum database. Existing users can download an upgraded version of Greenplum Database CE and analytic tools for integration into their development and research environments.

The free EMC Greenplum Community Edition includes:

1. Greenplum Database CE, an industry-leading massively parallel processing (MPP) database product for large-scale analytics and next-gen data warehousing.

2. MADlib, the open source analytic algorithms library, providing data-parallel implementations of mathematical, statistical and machine learning methods for structured and unstructured data.

3. Alpine Miner, an up and coming third party analytics tool, is an intuitive visual data mining modeler that delivers rapid “modeling to scoring” capabilities, leverages in-database analytics, and is purpose-built for “big data” applications.

About EMC Greenplum Database

EMC Greenplum Database utilizes a shared-nothing massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture designed from the ground up for business intelligence and analytical processing on commodity hardware. Data is automatically partitioned across multiple segment servers, and each segment owns and manages a distinct portion of the overall data. This ‘shared-nothing’ architecture means that all communication is done through a network interconnect and there are no disk-level sharing or contention issues to address. More information about Greenplum Database is available at www.greenplum.com/products/greenplum-database.

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