CloudSlam 2011 Highlights

CloudSlam’s third edition was presented by CloudCor and it was held from April 18th to 22nd of this year. This third edition is a virtual annual conference about cloud computing. Many latest trends and innovations on cloud computing were showcased during this edition. The first edition of CloudSlam was initiated in the year 2009 and since then it acclaimed more prominence through its partners such as CA, Microsoft, Rackspace, AMD and others.

Many interesting presentations and demonstrations were taken place during the conference from many big players. These presentations were successfully delivered through WebEx hosted portals. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Fujitsu: Fujitsu’s presentation emphasized more on the present era, which enabled technology to bring everything into a network. This presented a vision called “intelligent society” showcasing quality of life for people through joining technology and people. Their technology mainly emphasized the need and necessity of latest technologies such as cloud computing, mobile service and sensor technology.
  • Intel: Head line keynote for this third edition CloudSlam is delivered through Intel “vision to Action-Cloud 2015”. The keynote highlighted the challenges faced by IT while evolving in the cloud. The speaker also emphasized much over the benefits of cloud computing through standards-based solutions enable IT managers.
  • ServiceMesh: A keynote titled “Primal Fear: Enterprise Cloud transformation and the fight or Flight Reflex” was presented by the Eric Pulier, CEO of Service Mesh. This keynote addressed the common enterprise cloud adoption pitfalls. Also, highlighting the challenges of IT in this aspect, and for business leaders.
  • Verizon: Verizon has come up with an interesting demonstration about public and private cloud capabilities. Highlighting the “Everything-as-a-Service” global cloud, which delivers content to every user virtually irrespective of time, place and device.
  • PWC: PWC presented clear insights about business transformation through leveraging cloud computing technologies at the same time keeping security measures intact.
  • OpenMake Software: Steve Taylor, CTO of OpenMake Software discussed cloud technologies advantage for improving DevOps. Emphasising more over the software builds and releases in this aspect. Steve felt that cloud computing is an important aspect of the DevOps.

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